You never know what you will find when you clean out your closet!

I thought that I had no more telenovelas around after so many years of staying away from them but I found a dvd set of novelas that I had downloaded from somewhere..a couple of days ago.

I know that Luz María was a well liked novela judging from the comments on Telenovela-World. I’ve never seen it and I know that I had been keeping it for a rainy day.  So I popped it in the dvd player while I was cooking (one advantage that I must admit I love is not having to read the subtitles and I’d been meaning to brush up on my Spanish) Angie Cepeda, our Peruvian actress, does speak quite fast but still is very easy to understand, as is all the cast, especially Christian Meier.

I’ve been mildly enjoying it..since my expectations are non-existent..I know what I’m getting and that’s fine..for now it’s enough..but considering the length I don’t know how long I’ll last of course.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a stroll down memory lane too  which I’m enjoying and a reminder that I did enjoy watching them till they got unbearable and were replaced by our Asian dramas…

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