Shorty J-dorama “Stay Tuned!” on Netflix – Impressions

You know how so many Japanese dramas seem like they’re more like training films than actual people-driven stories? Well, this short, 5-episode (ranging from 42 to 49 minutes each) offering now available on Netflix gets a pass from me for this ‘sin’ as it was produced as a 50th-anniversary special drama to commemorate a TV station’s founding. Of course they’re going to want to highlight the workings of a TV station! But in spite of that, Stay Tuned! is a pleasant diversion and time-passer (even if it’s a little light on content, too earnest at times, and a little amateurish in its production values).

It’s the cheery optimism of the lead character, a super energetic, well-meaning, somehow making things work out little bumbler of a country bumpkin that makes this work. She manages to stumble into stories, influence team members to get creative and lift everyone’s spirits (even if she makes them cringe more often than not).

If this is your cup of cha, why not give it a try?

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