The Consequences of Change and Time

I came across this article and it really hit home: “When the Web Loses It’s Memory.” For those of us here who have enjoyed and lost our old “Rincón Latino” and Telenovela World sites, where we poured many, many hours worth of thoughts, summaries, and snarky comments, and obsessed over telenovelas and their characters and actors, it reminded me of just how much we’ve lost. Not just the hours of effort represented by those posts, but the contacts and friendships formed as we poured our hearts into them are now just memories.

I don’t know how long this site will keep going, but I promise here that as its Administrator I will keep regular backups and do my best to keep these memories going. And, I promise simply to enjoy it today and know that things change, people change, and software and times and what not changes, and accept it.

Carpe diem!