Started up on My Secret Terrius

Let me begin by saying that this is my favourite role so far for So Ji Sub..I mean honestly how can anyone resist that beautiful stoic could stare at it for hours without getting tired! It’s especially entertaining because he’s got this  amazing gift of showing no emotion at first glance but can see so much of what he’s feeling and thinking by looking a little closer. I love it that it’s not in your face but that it comes with familiarity and real effort on his part to show us the miniscule little holes which give us access to the real person inside. I think in a less talented actor it would have been hard to get to know this character and get past the deadpan face..I will not even mention the rest of the physical doesn’t take long for us to see that ..far from being an anti-social grouch..that his isolation is for other reasons and it’s only that he had his reasons for cutting himself off..and hating people wasn’t one of them.

Now..if it wasn’t enough to see him all by himself..seeing him interacting with those adorable twins is simply other word for it. This guy is nobody’s idea of a babysitter..(and in real life it would never happen the way it happened here..or at least it shouldn’t)..but oh my goodness he must have had a blast filming every scene..never mind alot of patience I would imagine. They have such great chemistry too..and he looks pretty comfortable..which is interesting considering that he doesn’t have children himself. Course in reality those kids need a stronger hand to keep them in check that’s for sure.

Our leading lady is someone I don’t really know but I think she’s doing a pretty good job actually. They match very well..I’m not crazy about her character..gets on my nerves sometimes I must admit but that’s not her fault. The secondary characters are quite good..nice oneliners given with great timing..especially our villain is one of the most cowardly that I’ve seen so far but..even though he’s obvious a bad guy..just can’t seem to hate him that much.

All in all I don’t think that the drama takes itself too seriously and that makes it lots of fun to watch. I do have a quibble about how the writers have handled the plotlines involving her late husband  and subsequent widowhood but all in all..thumbs up so far..

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