Possessed – Final thoughts

Somewhere along the way the lightness that served to balance the heaviness of the main plot just faded away and it went unbearably, heartbreakingly, agonizingly DARK! This has to be one the cruelest drama that I’ve seen and the last few episodes were so hard to watch… and yet I had to see the final outcome. I felt that the writers started out really well but I don’t believe that they delivered what they set out to and it just left me very angry and dissatisfied with the whole thing!! You have been warned!!!

Having said that I thought that the actors did an excellent job with what they were given..our hero was so real and so fragile and so human that you just wanted to give him a hug..but at the end of the day..these characters were brought to a breaking point and the utter bone crushing weariness that they were feeling came right through the screen..now THAT’s a job well done!



#go-jun-hee, #possessed, #song-sae-byeok