Remembering one of the most influential actresses – Edith Gonzalez

Today Edith Gonzalez, actress in countless telenovelas and other works, lost her battle to cancer at the too-young age of 54.

For me, the most memorable role she undertook was that of Mónica, in the brilliant adaptation of Caridad Bravo Adams’ novel, “Corazón Salvaje.” The scenes with her costar Eduardo Palomo (also gone far too soon) were perfection and epitomized romance for me in the telenovela genre and beyond. The wedding night scene remains one of the best of any drama sequence I’ve seen in countless years of watching telenovelas and other serialized works.

Years ago, a group of dedicated aficionados (shoutout to our old companion, did a group watch when “Corazón Salvaje” was re-aired on Univision in the wee hours — locally it was from 2:00 to 4:00 am. I began by recording it and watching the tape the next day, or a few days later a couple of episodes at a time, but that was not good enough. Soon I was recording it and setting my alarm to wake up early before my normal time to watch it before work because I had to know what would happen next! His mesmerizing green eyes and her delicate beauty captivated me as much as the story did — but that was not enough! Soon I was setting my alarm to watch it as it aired, then went back to sleep to dream of the love story of Juan del Diablo and his “Santa Mónica.” I watched those old VHS tapes over and over again, and selected favorite scenes to replay and discuss on the phorum with other devoted fans. Those were the glory days of telenovelas!

I hope that she and Eduardo are cast soon in some heavenly creation, entertaining their adoring fans above.

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