Started “Search:WWW”

…just because i was, like, wtf kind of Kdrama title is this, could you BE more boring and offputting?? And then the silly drama intro music started, “I wanna search search!” SO DUMB, I was preparing to sit back and sneer to my heart’s content for about 15 minutes and then move on, except that I accidentally fell in love with it. LOL!!

First of all, and primarily because, the entire cast is full of smart, clever, professional, strong, ass-kicking women, from the protagonist to the villain to the rival to the coworkers, from the CEO all the way down to the damn barista in the corporation lobby, they’re ALL so freaking self-assured and powerful! I’m loving it so much!! The most boring thing about this drama is the actual romance, haha…. and I never thought I would say that and STILL like a drama, but there it is.

I didn’t recognize any of the actresses or the actors except for my beloved Chef Lee in “Kim SamSoon,” but apparently our lady protagonist was the star in “I’m Sorry I Love You” with So Ji Sub? I don’t think I’ve seen her since!! She’s much older now, of course. What happened to her???

Anyway so far I recommend. I’m on Ep. 4 and have belatedly realized it is still airing, but hopefully it will wrap up before I get to the end. Or maybe it will start boring me, the ladies will all get soft and useless, and my interest will peter out before it gets to that — as has happened SO many times before. LOL. But so far my eyes have not rolled once (except for the ridiculous intro music)… and that’s pretty amazing.

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