Chief of Staff – First Impressions

I had forgotten about Chief of Staff, but I knew that I wanted to see it so I started up on it. Other than the fact that it’s all about power and politics and the struggle to keep the power and get some more — I can’t tell you very much about it — other than the fact that I’m still enjoying it!!

This is the official synopsis: “The story of politicians and their aides who try to climb up the political ladder.” Normally that wouldn’t pull me in but I did want to see Shin Mina and Lee Jung Jae so here I am.

I find that I don’t really NEED to know exactly what is happening..I’m more interested in seeing HOW sneaky..HOW manipulative…HOW ambitious and ruthless these people can be. THere’s enough tension to keep the audience entertained..we all know who we’re rooting for but I guess the question will be..does our hero even deserve our support? He’s no pristine character either and he has his own methods to get what he wants. THe characters are all driven by the same ambitious motivations but there is one character who is driven by other sentiments and I think this is where we go to get a breather from this nasty environment.

I’m only on ep 4 but look forward to watching the rest!


PS – this reminds me so much of Punch and I LOVED that one!!!

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