Takane & Hana

It’s a J-drama based on a manga of the same name. Hana is 16 yrs old——and STUNNING!, while Takane is 26 yrs old and the successor of a large company. They meet on a marriage blind date arranged by his grandfather and her father, but it was originally intended for her 7 yrs older sister, who blew the date off because she had a boyfriend. Takane is typically rich and arrogant and totally believes his own hype. He comments at the date that Hana is nothing more than a gold digger, demeaning her, yada, yada, yada, and she lets him have it! She pulls off her “grownup “ wig and gives it to him good, lol. What can I say, he’s hooked!

I do find the age difference a bit icky, but he’s a very immature 26 yr old where relationships with the opposite sex are concerned, and she’s a strong willed young lady with a mind of her own and mouth to match. The fireworks are a given, but watching them maneuver through their differences in both age and class status, and build a solid bond might be fun. Of course I’m hoping that they build more of a friendship cause Hana is just too young for a serious relationship no matter how strong willed she is! The actress portraying Hana, Aisa Takeuchi, is really a beautiful girl! Only 18 in real life, so she’s got a heartbreaker career in front of her. I do get a little “ Takuya” from the male lead, Mahiro Takasugi, but just a little, lol…no one can be Takuya!