The Lies Within – Series Impressions

Well, you had to know that I wouldn’t wait too long to see Lee Minki’s latest didn’t you??

In his latest drama he plays a dogged detective who is asked to investigate one more case before he transfers and he reluctantly agrees. It happens to be a woman who fell out of her apartment building, it looks straightforward, especially so after finding her suicide note!  But then he comes across another case which looks suspicious too and then a disappearance and they all seem linked together.  What begins as a routine case quickly develops into something that takes over everything including working with the missing man’s wife who asks for help. The first thing I noticed ( with delight) was that he was playing a much more human character than I’ve been used to seeing and it makes such a difference! No face blindness this time! I’d forgotten that he can smile and that his face is quite I love the character and I love the way he’s playing the character.

But, this is OCN, known for grittiness at the very least..and I will say that they went reallllllyyyy gritty this time — almost gruesome. I enjoyed the secondary characters too. I thought that they were really nicely fleshed out and supported him well. I wasn’t familiar with our heroine (Lee Yoo-young), I hadn’t seen her before but I had heard good things about her. She has a real presence on the screen – a softness and vulnerability about her and I’d like to see her again. This was another of those onion like dramas where you peel away layer after layer to reveal the truth and that’s a very good thing!

Thumbs up!

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