The Legends – 1st Impressions

the legends

Ah Robin, you gave me such a great idea when you mentioned that the two leads in “Arsenal Military School” and been cast together for a second time. I thought, huh, producers never make a point of matching the same leads over and over unless they were a hit the first time around, so I looked up their previous drama and, poof! “The Legends.”

As expected, this one captivated right away! None of the “well let’s give it another few episodes” nonsense.

I liked the heroine, bright and delightfully bored, at first sight. Trapped on a mountain sealed off from the rest of the world her whole life with her sweet old grandpa (who is nonetheless a fearsome warrior) while guarding the holding cell the cursed Demon Lord’s son, she falls like a ton of bricks for the first guy she lays eyes on.

He’s a sect leader who breaks into the sacred mountain to kill the Demon Lord’s son before he comes into his power and lays waste to civilization. He fails, gets injured and she saves his life. Her response when he asks how he can repay her:


So, I’m already hooked because she is hilarious, and this fellow is not her true love since the male protagonist is the Demon Lord’s son, whom this fellow freed by accident, so I can’t wait to see how this pans out!!

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