End of “The Legends”


I would recommend this one, mostly for the badass-ery of our female lead. But also because almost every character in this story has had their lives or bodies broken because of love, and I found it fascinating that even the most reprehensible villains had someone they loved.

Although part of me was aggravated that the story went through such lengths to humanize several characters who had done so many awful things, at the end of the day, that applied to our protagonists too. Between them they must have killed tens of thousands of people during the course of this drama, and the writers treated all these lives as expendable. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine that so many foot soldiers die in these battles like faceless nameless pawns that no one remembers, but they had parents, too. And probably siblings, wives, husbands, maybe even kids. So later it feels a little shallow when our main characters grieve for the loved ones THEY lose. What goes around comes around, ya know??

I never really thought they would get a happy ending, I didn’t think they objectively deserved one, even though I very badly wanted them to have one nevertheless (because I’m a sucker for romance). But don’t worry, I won’t post whether it was an HEA or not, never fear. Hahaha!


They were a beautiful pair though. I loved that he was the kinder, gentler half of the couple. I loved that she affectionately called him her “Little Monster,” because he was after all a demon. I loved that she saved his life repeatedly –in between bouts of trying to kill him, of course — and seduced him, not with her body as she intended, but with poetic words about his eyes. Who knew he was such a sucker for sweet words?? I loved that he really had eyes for NO ONE else ever. She was his whole life and his whole reason for being, period. Ah, my heart!

So I give it a thumbs up for romance, likable supporting characters and pretty good action-adventure, though the ending seemed rushed and a bit choppy so I can’t give it a perfect score. Don’t know what happened there. Ran out of funding for the cheap special F/X? LOL.

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