Finished Coffee & Vanilla, and in a strange way…

I get it. IMHO, she, Risa, was pitiful and self deprecating—- without the humor, until the very end. I can’t recall seeing anyone put themselves down so much! He, Hiroto, was a protector—- along with oodles of manipulating behavior, and she needed protection—— from everything and from almost everyone! Hiroto was the shorter Jdrama version of Christian Grey, and this 20 something, young, innocent girl was no match for him. He made love to her at will, but was also completely taken with and by this young woman. He loved her, and she loved him, pure and simple. Had she been more mature, maybe she would’ve been able to recognize his manipulation tactics, and I can foresee problems in the future when she finally does “ grow up.”

It was her innocence that drew all those who came into her world to her. She was a magnet for the heterosexual males need to protect, and possess. Yet Hiroto was so confident in his super powers over her, he didn’t worry much about the competition. He was an emotional abuser if you ask me, but again, he really loved Risa.

The secondary characters were pretty good along with their storylines, but there were a few moments that had me rolling my eyes. Risa’s goal towards the end was to become stronger and to protect Mr Fukami when she could—- and when he allowed her. He did display some vulnerabilities, but they were ones that he took care of himself in the past. He has an interesting relationship with both his rival and his secretary.

So, I don’t know if I really recommend this one or not, but if you do decide to watch, it’s an interesting study in manipulating behavior…….thank goodness Jdrama episodes are pretty short!

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