Crash Landing on You – Episode 10

Considering our girl came back from the dead in this episode, I gotta say the hour for the most part was pretty dull for me.

I guess things happened too quickly? We skipped over exactly how she got back to South Korea once the morning patrol found her (and didn’t notify her family); we got a super-abbreviated court session to convict our resident baddie, very rushed. (And honestly why didn’t dearly departed brother just fax his file to Daddy like Capt. Ri just did? Why hide a memory chip in his watch to hand deliver it and give the bad guys a chance to off him on the way there?)

The Rat came in to confess out of the blue for no real reason and wrapped up that mystery real quick. I actually like him a lot less now that I know that he did what he did after Capt. Ri’s brother SAVED his baby. It would have been bad enough if he had just been a kind friend to him, but in fact he was their family’s savior. You’re telling me he couldn’t have found a way to warn the guy or something? I know his momma was being threatened with a labor camp, but i dunno. He had dirt on a lot of people from eavesdropping, couldn’t something have been arranged? But not only did he do it, suffered and felt guilty, but when his “friend’s” beloved little brother showed up, started tattling on HIM as well! Come on now. Anyway, everything got resolved too quick. It felt rushed and lacking the gravitas it deserved.

Also, although I enjoyed Se Ri’s surprise revival and return to all her family member’s circling her company like vultures, it also felt very rushed to me. Nothing seems to have changed at all, sadly. Except at least she know her deputy genuinely mourned her.

But I have to say the product placements roared back with a vengeance now that Se Ri is back in Seoul. That Olive BBQ restaurant has made more than one appearance. Range Rover is being driven both in North Korea and in South Korea. That Venus facial massager made a cameo. All the instant rice and noodle dishes at the convenience store, too! haha!

But one nice thing, though, at the end. The reunion. You’re telling me our boy has been roaming Gangnam on foot every day just hoping to bump into her cuz he didn’t have her exact address?? Awwwwwwwwwww!! Stop it! That’s so sweet! And he ran into her too! It’s FATE, I tell you.

The “mission” to bring Capt. Ri back seems like a Keystone Kops caper now, though. So contrived, but ah well. The show must go on!!

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