Finished “Live Up to Your Name”

Started off pretty silly, with both characters semi-unlikable for different reasons, but man, after these two fell in love they sent my heart soaring!!


Camelia already introduced the drama HERE, so I won’t repeat what she said, but imo, it was an interesting magical time travel concept tied in with real Joseon history so I felt I learned some fascinating things. Also I wonder how much of the art of acupuncture is accurate because if it is, that was some valuable information also!

The two leads had really good chemistry, their skinship felt really natural when they finally got around to it and by Episode 8 I couldn’t even remember why I didn’t like them. There was one hilarious moment when the actress Kim Ah-joong started sounding like she was congested from a cold and two episodes later, Kim Nam-gil started showing signs of a cold also. I was laughing my ass off since they had been kissing for the past few episodes. Perils of the job, I guess!! (How are they shooting dramas in this era of Covid, I wonder. Have dramas been suspended?)

The scenes in Joseon were really heartbreaking; I cried more than once. They saved all of the comedy for the modern-day Seoul bits, but even so, the societal class differences and the callousness of the elite seemed to have survived intact through the ages. It was just less hopeless somehow.

Anyway, I ended up liking it a lot. The villains were hateful, the second male lead was irritating with his annoying territorial behavior, there was–thank God–no second female lead to worry about, lots of likable secondary characters, but the obstacles were huge and the stakes were high. It sucked me in. Very entertaining indeed. Never got bored with it. Would recommend!

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