Joy of Life — 1st impressions

Joy of Life Zhang Ruoyun
Loved it within seconds!

First of all I was so happy to see my galan from “15 Years With Migratory Birds” here, and was immediately piqued at the casual way he seemed to be treating his supremely unimpressed professor. Not sure what’s going on there, but I hope we find out later, because the whole set-up was intriguing. He’s writing a science fiction story he says…

Then we launch into this glorious world of magical realism, with a baby in historical China who remembers the 20th century, who has a mother who was apparently killed by “everyone” before he was sent to live in hiding out in a small town with a cool, unflappable old lady without a hair out of place.


He grows into a little boy who behaves like an adult, surrounded by adults who treat him like a fellow adult, even though he’s this tiny precocious kid. And this child actor is so wonderful and engaging, I was really sad to see him grow up by the end of the episode!! (His voice actor is also amazing, usually kid’s voice dubs are so fake and annoying, this one sounded really genuine!) I could have happily spent 20 episodes watching him take his “lessons” with his odd, unsentimental professors, especially his assassin-like Uncle Wu. (really a whole Chinese Harry Potter vibe going on here).


Every character so far is strange and wonderful in their own ways, and it feels so fresh and exciting. I know it’s the first ep and I have no idea what happened or where we are going but I’m pumped to take the journey. Zhang Ruo Yun has such a soulful face, I remember feeling for him even when I first met him as a villain in “Monster Killer,” so I’m sure he will be captivating to watch. Also, Robin recommends this highly, so I can’t wait! So far so good!

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