Joy of Life — Up to Ep. 18

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OMG, this drama is making me crazy!
(spoilers follow)

I’m dying to know who this guy is that all these powerful people are either going out of their way to protect him or trying to kill him! And who is his fearless legendary secret mother?? Oh, I’m crying… there are so many secrets!! But that’s what keeps me clicking on the next episode and the next episode like a crackhead seeking my fix. Damn, these writers are good!

And on top of it all, the story is hilarious! How do you beat “Girl With Chicken Leg” as the love of the hero’s life? Hahahaha! That whole mess with the hidden identities and the arranged marriage was really amusing, too.

But props also to every single character in this drama so far, from the protagonists to the supporting characters to the servants of the supporting characters, everyone has a distinct personality. Either props to the casting agent for rounding up these actors who take pride even in their bit parts or props to the director for making sure no one is phoning in their performance during the shoot. Anyway, I’m impressed.

And on top of the hilarity, they still managed to make me cry. Why?! WHY?!! I have a feeling the rest of the drama will get much more serious from now on. I’m strapping on my seat belt. The emperor is insanely wily! It’s like he’s playing 4-D chess 24 hours a day!

Also, don’t fuck with “One-Man Bloodbath” Uncle Wu. lol. Is he even human? lol.

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