Finished “Joy of Life”


Wow! What a wild ride!! The political machinations here are so meticulously thought out they are scary!! Which I suppose is the point! Well worth watching! Not a second wasted! A++

It is nice to know that all the secrecy and suspense wasn’t overblown, and the big reveal was actually as grand as the set-up implied! I still have questions, and if that weren’t enough, the ending cliffhanger also ensures I will definitely tune in to Season 2!!!!


Xiao Zhan’s appearance was surprisingly underwhelming for me. His dour character was such a 180-degree turn from the impish, emotional Wei Wuxian in “The Untamed” that I was seriously surprised!! Though it’s a mark of a good actor, of course, that he can play such differing roles. And also that he is in no way overshadowing the main lead, which was another thing I was afraid might happen after he showed up. He was just so larger-than-life in the previous role I thought he might just run away with the drama, hahaha. Glad to know that did not happen.

Zhang Ruo Yun is SO good as the clever, charming Fan Xian!!! And what is this magic he has of having good chemistry with EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in this drama?? Hahahaha. I mean, Chicken-Leg Girl is OTP, but man the scenes with the other ladies also sizzle to an unbecoming degree, lol! Especially with Duo Duo, hot damn, I think she’s stealing the limelight from the princess. (I kinda like her better, oops!) But even Si Lili would have been an intriguing and worthy match! I’m so ready to switch my allegiance at a moment’s notice, lol! The chemistry he had with the villainess was also a thing of beauty. Not to mention the heartwarming scenes with his sister. He has such an easy way with women, imo. Not a moment’s awkwardness, even when things get awkward hahaha. But who am I kidding, he has an easy way with EVERYONE. He’s a charmer, for sure.

Anyway, I loved this drama. Can’t wait to see the rest!

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