Finished ‘My Mister’

You guys are so horrible. How could you tell me to watch this. So chock full of unpleasant characters of dubious morality I could barely get past the first episode, yet when I finally did…

Man, I cried in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, what is wrong with you people?? I cried for 5 days straight! My eyes have been dry and itchy every day and I blame you all! Hahahaha!!

It’s amazing how fond I ended up becoming of most of these characters, except the villains of course (they were irredeemable!), and except for loan shark boy whose cruelty was too extreme for me to easily accept his sob story and change of heart by the end.

Lee Sun Kyun was totally amazing in this. He really elevated the power of common decency and kindness. IU’s character was so damaged and frozen that I found it hard to fathom how the neighborhood crowd adopted her so quickly. That aspect seemed farfetched. I wouldn’t be making plans for holidays with a girl who doesn’t answer when I talk to her nor smile or otherwise reciprocate my attempts at friendliness. However, at key points in the drama she did break my heart and send even more tears flowing so I can’t complain about it too much.

I never did figure out who the hacker boy was who helped our heroine. I thought he was her little brother at first, but no, he was actually just a friend. They flashbacked to all three kids battered and bruised in the past, but they didn’t specify who exactly he was, who beat him, how he was involved and why does he follow all of our heroine’s instructions so faithfully, including taking someone else’s sick grandma into his tiny one-room apartment. ALSO, if loan shark boy KNEW hacker boy was our heroine’s only friend, and he also knew where hacker boy lived (since he rushed there to steal his computer ahead of the police), how did he not find her when she first escaped him and hid out there??

The director/cleaner and actress relationship was weird and hilarious. How did this wonderful, sensible, intelligent, complex Dong Hoon end up with two brothers with only a single brain cell between them?? Hahaha! Their mom was rightfully exasperated 24/7, lol. And uwaa, she made me cry, too.

Anyway, I’m not sure why the rainy days earlier in the week led me to finally pick this back up. But I was glad I did. Thanks for the rec!!

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