“Medical Examiner Dr. Qin” – up to Ep. 4


I don’t know why the brutality of this show is just hitting different. I keep saying to myself SURELY I’ve seen gorier and more depraved cases before, haven’t I? And yet nothing comes to mind.

Also, the drama feels very Hong Kong-witten to me. So much explanation and instruction, and criminals happy to confess to everything as soon as they’re caught. Motivation included, even though sometimes it defies explanation. I mean seriously, the guy who made the skin suits and cooked the rest… that was a WHIM?? Cuz he wanted that lady’s panties?? I mean, wtf!! How did that go south so fast? That was too pat, and solved within 48 hours, too. Yay Chinese police!

But who can understand why the forensics team is in the interrogation room doing the interrogating, and chasing bad guys in the streets? Don’t they have crime scenes to inspect and corpses to autopsy? Ridiculous!

Yet after all this, they actually have the balls to let Dr. Qin go on a rant about how the “science” in “Dexter” is so ludicrous and wrong, lol!


And btw, haha, you can see that the episode they are watching is an illegal download. I had to laugh!


But I love this guy’s open-plan apartment though. I screencapped it for reference.


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