I’m going to miss my Misaeng

I totally enjoyed and appreciated all these characters (with obvious exceptions of course!)

I have so many favourite scenes, but the obvious highlights are any between Team 3 and our four newbies. One thing I found a bit jarring though was the change of location during the last episode — it just didn’t seem to fit this drama and I didn’t really see the necessity. I would have ended it at another appropriate scene, but that’s just a minor thing and didn’t detract at all from my enjoyment.

I’m so grateful that this drama was 20 episodes. I started to get sad when I approached the 16th episode and was delighted to learn that I had a few more ahead of me. And I finally got to see our dear boy with an actual forehead! 😂 Okay, I do have one complaint — I hated with a passion the helmet hairstyles we were forced to endure for the whole drama — is there no PERFECT drama?? 😂