Finished “Medical Examiner Dr. Qin”


Not for the thinking drama watcher at all. It was such a shallow, amateur effort.

And it really brings into stark relief the attention to detail of dramas like “Joy of Life,” where every character in there seemed to have a life of their own. In this one, everyone outside the three leads seemed to be a random passerby that they dressed in a costume and told them to stand around. The “police officers” in this drama literally did nothing but stand and look at what our leads were doing or alternatively, push papers around on their desks.

But even the lead police officer was reduced to asking inane questions to the two medical examiners so they could explain their “genius” conclusions, most of which should have been obvious even to a blind goat in the corner, or were so far-fetched that it was contrived to suit the purposes of the case. My eyes were rolling, OH, how they rolled!!


The worst part were the “psychological” profiles they attempted to give the criminals on this show, omg… either China has some batshit crazy people with inexplicably illogical motivations, or they have no clue how real humans tick. I mean, is it NORMAL in China that a woman would be MORE upset that her wedding was interrupted by police arresting her fiance than discovering that she had nearly married a vicious serial rapist and murderer?? And SO upset that her marriage was ruined that she turned homicidal herself while embarking on a four-year quest to frame the medical examiner whose only “crime” was matching the fiance’s DNA to his victims?? Not the detectives who arrested him, not the prosecutor who charged him, not the judge who put him away. i mean, WHAT SENSE DOES THAT EVEN MAKE???


The only good thing about this drama were the protagonists, who were charming in a light, frothy way. Our boyish heroine ended up being called “Brother Da Bao” by all and sundry without batting an eyelash, so I concluded she was a lesbian. But wait, no, they threw in a scene of her on a blind date with a man in an attempt to find a husband. Also the Cop Guy kept trying to hook her up with our medical examiner Dr. Qin, he really shipped them hard! LOL. However, SHE shipped the cop and Dr. Qin together HARDER so that did make me chuckle. It was cute. Sadly, though, when they thought Dr. Qin had finally managed to get a date, they were both THRILLED about a possible “sister in law”! So the romantic chemistry between these three was a dud, which I guess was refreshing… but also meh. I would have liked it better if at least one of them were pining, but instead they were all hardy comrades. All hail the motherland!

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