Finished “I’m Not a Robot”


A charming romcom that really made me laugh out loud at times. Though the premise is ludicrous, the leads are so cute together and the supporting cast is adorable, too.


The heroine was a plus. I have not seen her before but would watch her again. She exudes extreme likeability, at least in this role. I could not help but feel for her and root for her instantly.

Yoo Seung Ho… I really watched this drama for him, and he did not disappoint!! WHY is this boy SO CUTE?? He’s so handsome and his aegyo is on point, but ALSO he could teach a masterclass on pining. How DARE he stare out the window like a lost puppy waiting for our girl to show up?? YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE THAT SHIT! And when he shares the screen with our heroine, he really can’t keep his eyes off her. Ngaaahhhh! He just did a really nice job depicting his tortured crush on what he thinks is a lifeless robot. I was really sucked into his loneliness and vulnerability.

But also, he’s hot and all sorts of eye candy just by himself!!

Uhm Ki Joon did a fine job as the heroine’s abrasive but clueless older ex-boyfriend. I felt so sorry for him though he 100 percent deserved being dumped, he really had no idea why. It was clear he was still pining for her too despite his denials. Anyway he was an interesting counterpoint to the hero, I enjoyed watching him swerve between jealousy and concern.

The scientist team was so cute together; their physical humor and timing was always perfect! I enjoyed watching them so much! Very talented! Have not seen any of them before either. I’ll have to look them up!


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