Oh My Baby

I can never pass up a Jang Nara drama of course!

As you might know this is a familiar story of a 40 something woman who is fighting the biological clock and decides that she really wants a child.

I did enjoy it at the end of the day. I thought it was quite balanced in that it touched upon various issues relating to..not only this specific issue..but also to related issues. It was almost as if the writer said..ok..we will have one character representing a working mother..one character representing a divorced mother..one character representing a single mother..etc..this enabled us to get different points of view and also served as a lesson to say that NOTHING is perfect..that choices have to be made..that we must all live by our choices. THe three men did a great job I thought..one a childhood friend..one an irritating one and the last a young, purehearted guy who honestly seems much too good to be true.

Probably one of the strongest relationship in the drama was between Jang Nara and her mom..lovely moments between them. I was also super excited to see that Go Joon was one of the potential fathers. I had never even heard of him before until I saw him as a very minor secondary character in Save Me – noticed him right away..but had no idea he was in this drama!! Let me just say that Mr. Voice has a very serious contender..lol..his low voice is awesome..as is the rest of him of course….

Thumbs up!!