Thankful and…

There might not seem to be many things to celebrate this year, but I know that, in spite of the challenges we face, I do have things to be grateful for, and to anticipate.

I’m grateful that I still have the resources to create a holiday meal, though I’m aware that I am fortunate in this regard; many do not. I’m grateful that I have interests that keep me mentally engaged and positive, even when there are some days that blur one into the next. I’m grateful that I have the inner resources to find things that bring me joy and stimulate my brain, and that I’m never bored (and <i>that</i> is saying something!)

One thing I’m particularly grateful for is having stumbled on <b>The Untamed</b> and the world of MDZS and its authoress, and the talents of its young cast. This was the year I discovered just how many talented people are out there writing fan-fiction, and holy-moley, there are some amazing fics out there inspired by this work! I’ve read some that I would hold up to many heavily-touted and praised published works (and if you’re looking for recommendations, hit me up).

And above all, I’m grateful for you, my friends, who share your enthusiasms and interests (and disappointments, because let’s be frank, not everything will be a winner), even when I’ve been less active on this site this year. I’m making a very late new year’s resolution (or very early one) to do better — scout’s honor!

Here’s hoping that we all have many things more to be thankful for today, and all the days to come.