Merry Christmas Chingus!!

For all of us Christmas this year is so different from any other but the spirit of Christmas remains the same and now more than ever we are in sore need of kindness, patience and generosity… not for presents but for contact. We can’t hug each other..we can’t even see ourselves smiling at each other but let us smile with our eyes instead and give with our words and time. We look forward to next year with more hope than we did a mere few months ago and that’s a good thing.

Lastly, I’m so pleased to pass on my review of the kdrama that I just finished. 100 Days My Prince which was an unexpected but delightful surprise. I confess that the only reason that I checked it out was because I wanted to see more of Kim Seon Ho whom I’d just discovered in Strongest Deliveryman but I discovered the charm of the main couple and loved them to death. Though it’s historical and it had a bit of politics it was not heavy which I really appreciated. And the possibilities of shenanigans that arose when you have a haughty prince who has lost his memory but not his arrogance is a hoot. For various reasons he finds himself foisted with the wrong identity and a new wife and he struggles in all ways — of course he does!! He had great chemistry with her — the boy has amazingly piercing eyes…the side characters weren’t too annoying and I still go to see the charming Kim Seon Ho dressed in all his finery… thumbs up from me. It’s not perfect really..there are lots of little of which is the inconsistent use of the “face blindness” issue which irked me but nothing major at all!

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