Let’s Eat – Initial impressions

Given the unsettling nature of Possessed I wanted to balance by watching something light and totally different..so I came across this one and started watching.

My goodness, I’ve never seen a drama where the one and only focus of many of the scenes was watching eating..but not only eating..lol..being transported by sheer joy and pleasure with each mouthful..and these were not quick glimpses..but rather loooonggg minutes of enjoyment.

I have to ask..how many pounds did these actors gain while filming?? and imagine having to do retakes? It’s certainly been a journey so far and I’ve learned alot..what I would love to eat and what I would NEVER touch with a ten foot pole of course!!

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Having finished “My Terrius” I moved on to “Possessed” – something totally different.

Didn’t know much about it but I was browsing Netflix and I wanted something different, so decided to have a look. The first thing I noticed of course was the lead actor, Song Sae-Byeok. I loved him in My Ajhussi and was delighted to recognize him (though I wish his brothers would show up!) He’s definitely not our typical handsome leading man but there’s something about his face that I find so appealing and just looking at him makes me certain that there’s lots going on inside that head of his.

His character/personality has shades from that of his previous drama. He plays a cop who clearly has alot of baggage..who looks so unkempt that he’s mistaken for the criminal when trying to arrest a real one..he’s grumpy and irritable ..you get my drift..but hiding under that gruff exterior is a tender heart which he tries to hide. It shows when he goes out of his way to play with a little girl whose mother was just murdered, or when he stops his car to warn an old lady to leave or she would be arrested. You just have to like this guy. And..he’s no keystone cop either..thank goodness!

And then we have our leading lady..don’t know that much about her yet except for the fact that she has supernatural powers, communicates with spirits and can definitely recognize evil ones when she sees them.  I like that she’s really collected, sure of herself, very perceptive and doesn’t exhibit an ounce of hysteria or over the top behaviour. I think these two are going to be a great team..she sees right through his exterior and he grudgingly is starting to respect her abilities…not quite believing her but not discarding her entirely either.

As background we have a very evil (and I mean REALLY evil) serial killer who needs catching and these two are just the right team to do so.  I don’t think I can watch more than one episode at a time though..can’t really bear to watch too much of the creepy murderer (who thinks that he’s the reincarnation of an executed one) but maybe the next time I chime in I will have finished it because the cliffhangers were just too good!! We shall see..

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Started up on My Secret Terrius

Let me begin by saying that this is my favourite role so far for So Ji Sub..I mean honestly how can anyone resist that beautiful stoic face..you could stare at it for hours without getting tired! It’s especially entertaining because he’s got this  amazing gift of showing no emotion at first glance but then..you can see so much of what he’s feeling and thinking by looking a little closer. I love it that it’s not in your face but that it comes with familiarity and real effort on his part to show us the miniscule little holes which give us access to the real person inside. I think in a less talented actor it would have been hard to get to know this character and get past the deadpan face..I will not even mention the rest of the physical package..lol..but no..it doesn’t take long for us to see that ..far from being an anti-social grouch..that his isolation is for other reasons and it’s only that he had his reasons for cutting himself off..and hating people wasn’t one of them.

Now..if it wasn’t enough to see him all by himself..seeing him interacting with those adorable twins is simply magic..no other word for it. This guy is nobody’s idea of a babysitter..(and in real life it would never happen the way it happened here..or at least it shouldn’t)..but oh my goodness he must have had a blast filming every scene..never mind alot of patience I would imagine. They have such great chemistry too..and he looks pretty comfortable..which is interesting considering that he doesn’t have children himself. Course in reality those kids need a stronger hand to keep them in check that’s for sure.

Our leading lady is someone I don’t really know but I think she’s doing a pretty good job actually. They match very well..I’m not crazy about her character..gets on my nerves sometimes I must admit but that’s not her fault. The secondary characters are quite good..nice oneliners given with great timing..especially our villain is one of the most cowardly that I’ve seen so far but..even though he’s obvious a bad guy..just can’t seem to hate him that much.

All in all I don’t think that the drama takes itself too seriously and that makes it lots of fun to watch. I do have a quibble about how the writers have handled the plotlines involving her late husband  and subsequent widowhood but all in all..thumbs up so far..

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Chingus..hope you have a lovely Easter!

After all the rain and gloom of these past couple of days..I hope that we are blessed with glorious sunshine and balmy weather..don’t eat too many Easter eggs!

A New Leaf

I was browsing and came across this older drama. I had always meant to watch it because of Kim Myun Min and thought that this would be the perfect time since I just enjoyed his performance in A Miracle We Met. Have you seen it?

I’m only a few episodes in and of course have had to endure the usual courtroom cringeworthy moments and workroom antics but that’s not why I’m here so it doesn’t bother me much. I’m here for KMM, who does an exception job (as usual) portraying the unlikeable, ambitious shark with no conscience who was stopped in his tracks due to an accident. The subsequent amnesia is, of course, the reason for the rest of the story to unfold in a totally different way than he had anticipated. He’s lost none of his courtroom brilliance but he suddenly seems to have found a conscience of sorts and is looking inward at his past actions..doesn’t seem like he likes himself very much. This begs the question: can amnesia REALLY change your whole personality like this? It’s convenient in a kdrama of course but real life? Hmmmm..

The female lead is played by Park Min Young (WHY does she get all the luck..lol??)..I’m not crazy about her so far but no doubt she will be a positive influence on our grumpy lawyer. Excellent supporting cast as well..makes me appreciate how well I’ve come to know most of these korean actors.

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You never know what you will find when you clean out your closet!

I thought that I had no more telenovelas around after so many years of staying away from them but I found a dvd set of novelas that I had downloaded from somewhere..a couple of days ago.

I know that Luz María was a well liked novela judging from the comments on Telenovela-World. I’ve never seen it and I know that I had been keeping it for a rainy day.  So I popped it in the dvd player while I was cooking (one advantage that I must admit I love is not having to read the subtitles and I’d been meaning to brush up on my Spanish) Angie Cepeda, our Peruvian actress, does speak quite fast but still is very easy to understand, as is all the cast, especially Christian Meier.

I’ve been mildly enjoying it..since my expectations are non-existent..I know what I’m getting and that’s fine..for now it’s enough..but considering the length I don’t know how long I’ll last of course.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a stroll down memory lane too  which I’m enjoying and a reminder that I did enjoy watching them till they got unbearable and were replaced by our Asian dramas…

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Beauty Inside – All finished!

I have to say that though there were quite a few holes in this drama on the whole I’m glad that I watched it. Would I recommend it? Hmm… maybe, and only if you’re like me and really love Lee Minki, but don’t get me wrong, there were some real positives.

I can’t say enough about the excellence of the main group of actors..especially Lee Minki and Seo Hyun-Jin. They had amazing chemistry, but were also really comfortable with each other too. From the BTS videos on YouTube I saw that they seemed to have lots of fun as they shot the scenes and that’s definitely reflected on screen. Though his robotic performance felt very familiar… his face was able to convey a sentiment or reaction very well in a subtle way (and let’s face it I was studying him VERY closely, LOL!).

She really is a very skilled actress, a powerhouse full of energy. I’m thinking that Yolette would have especially loved her because she took nothing from anyone. She gave as good as she got and she enjoyed her bad girl image. She wasn’t perfect and she made me really mad at the end but I won’t soon forget this character.

But, this wasn’t only about the main couple. I also really enjoyed the scenes where the secondary characters interacted because they were able to really feel like individuals who were just spending some time together (and not always peacefully). They even had an adorable miniature dog who was passed around like a little treasure. LOL What more can I ask for?

As expected there were many questions for which we got no answers. I felt that the writing really failed especially in the last couple of episodes. The final episodes felt rushed in one sense and very slow in another. I think that this drama could easily have been much shorter. It didn’t need 16 episodes for this plotline at all, though it was nice to see the guest cameos.

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