Just an observation

Last week, I had a patient of Korean descent and AMA (advanced maternal age) who had a beautiful baby boy. While I found her pleasant enough ( considering she was over 40, had a big 8+lb baby, and hemorrhoids the size of an avocado) other nurses on my unit found both her and her husband somewhat demanding, abrupt and eager to express their unhappiness with any and everything.

Now we have had many Chinese patients intermittently, who, for the most part, act completely the opposite. I don’t know whether it was just them, or if it was a cultural thing, but I was still excited about actually having people that I can relate to my beloved Kdramas.

It was fun to recognize certain words and phrases that I’ve come to know, and I found it very endearing that she “Oppa-ed” her husband to death! Lol… We don’t get many Korean patients at our community hospital, but they didn’t leave a good impression on my co-workers…


Dragging my Buns with “Touch…

Dragging my Buns with “Touch Your Heart” even though I find the main couple awfully cute as they navigate their new relationship. It’s so sugary sweet sometimes that you can’t help but grin till your cheeks hurt

Each episode deals with solving some case or problem, and our actress/ secretary is so honest and forthright in helping that she’s won over the office staff. The fact that she really is an actress, at this point, has almost been forgotten. The men are smitten with her, and the women have come to respect and confide in her. The “secret” office romance between our leads remains a secret, and again, they are super cute trying to keep everyone in the dark.

Still, I find myself taking baby steps, much as I like it…

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The Korean Confession

It never fails to surprise me the reaction we get from characters when one or the other confesses their feelings. It’s obviously a BIG deal and seems to almost equate with a proposal for marriage. I wonder if it’s really like that among the common folk? I mean what if someone really likes you, and wants to confess their feelings, but you’re not that into them? It’s like you have to be honest with them while not only trying to spare their feelings, but also feeling the heavy burden of responsibility because you don’t feel the same way.

I know, I know, it’s a cultural thing, but they seem to take “responsibility” to an unreal and unfair level. Seriously, why am “I” responsible for your feelings, when I haven’t returned them or done anything to make you think that I liked you? It’s almost like making one feel guilty and burdened just for being themselves. I guess they live by the mantra that we are “ our brothers keeper.” They do it a lot in not only love instances, but also in family and work relationships…..and let’s not forget the effect that social media has on them! Sheesh to the 12th degree squared!!


With 6 episodes to go on Devilish Joy…

I’m actually enjoying Devilish Joy (or Devilish Charm or whatever).

Our hero is very believable in his quest to remember his past, especially the events leading up to his accident 3 years prior. Those events are not rushed, which frustrates me at times, and it seems like there’s much more to the story, which doesn’t surprise me at all given K dramas. Our hero has lead a kind of sad existence since the death of his parents as a young child, and although he has 4 aunties, who should’ve showered him with nothing but love, he’s the heir to the Sunwoo Group, which makes for plotting his downfall a daily agenda. He’s also a doctor of neuroscience, so he’s very meticulous in controlling how he remembers all previous events. His brain resets after 24 hrs and the only thing he remembers is the heroine, so he has journals for the past 3 yrs and daily post its that he uses to remember appointments and such.

The heroine is now committed to him after learning of his accident, and she’s also committed to her father, younger brother and sister. She’s determined to restart her career and make the best of it even though there are dark forces that want to see her go down too. Her and our hero share some really nice kisses, and at this point in the story, she’s the strong one, and he’s the vulnerable one…

There are a few things that ring false though, and it takes away from the reality of my enjoyment and mocks my common sense and trust in humanity. First, the condition our hero suffers from is called “Cinderella amnesia,” and it’s one where the more he remembers the more his chances for dementia increase (eyeroll), he also has episodes of selective memory where his recall shouldn’t be there based on his condition. Second, in his car accident with his parents, his accident 3 years ago, and more recently he had an episode of obvious distress while in a crosswalk. Each time, cars just whizzed by, and people kept about their business as if nothing happened. I just can’t believe people just do that…

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So while waiting…

While waiting for the next episode of Touch your Heart to upload, I found that I just can’t do Tower of Babel (too much MELO!). So I happened upon Devilish Joy, and for the life of me, I don’t know why I want to continue watching this drama?

To be fair, the positives for me include some very funny moments, some slapstick, a somewhat appealing hero and heroine—-so far, and a storyline that’s not so horrible even if it does truly read like a telenovela. Also, I’m not used to instantaneous relationships in Kdramas, where in a 1/2 day’s time, they’re already half in love. (I like, and am used to, the protags slow build up and realizing their feelings for one another somewhere between the 6th and 8th episode, lol).

The negatives for me is not completely the amnesia storyline or the riches to rags heroine storyline, but in how they will successfully play out such an overused theme on both counts. At least when they met, they were both on a somewhat level playing field where she was a popular singer with her own money. But even that can never trump the chaebol types.

So here we are, him with losing his memory every 24 hrs, and her, poor as dirt getting by on making internet videos and being made a fool of. He’s still rich and handsome, yet there is a deep sadness and anger that emanates from him. She’s untypically cheery despite her current circumstance, so I guess that speaks for her character.

Funny, but I find the flow of Kdramas changing quite a bit as I watch these newer dramas… not sure how I feel about that…


Also watched the 1st episode of Tower of Babel

Y’all know I like Park Shi-hoo, fallen star and all. I’m still mad at him tho.

This drama has all those mystery ingredients including murder, wicked chaebols, cheating husbands and wives, revenge, long suffering women, weak and cowardly men, and downright unscrupulous intentions. Park Shi-hoo also happens to be a prosecutor in this one, out to avenge the mysterious death of his father when he was young. Not a surprise that it may have something to do with this wicked chaebol family, although I find the daughter pretty admirable so far. She seems to be into Park Shi-hoo’s character, but he’s not into her, and the end of the episode tells us why. But in his defense, it could also have to do with his suspicions regarding his dad’s death and this particular family. He’s kinda cocky, and pretty angry and determined, traits I am usually drawn to. But it’s the character played by Kim Ji-hoon that I’m drawn to even more! He’s totally evil and obviously cruel in such an overt but undertoned kind of way. But darn is he fine! I can look at him all day long! Lol!

Don’t know if I’ll stick with this one or not… still being disappointed in Park Shi-hoo…

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Having some serious “Degrees of Separation”

Started watching Touch Your Heart for two reasons. First, I loved Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook in Goblin, second, I needed to watch something that is putting out an episode weekly as my life is in super busy, have to meet commitments mode! Lol. I also need down time, and I’ve realized that these dramas provide that for me.

What’s funny, though, is that I started with Encounter and Jang Seung Jo was there — prominently, then he was in Familiar Wife, also prominently along with Oh Eun Sik, another FW prominent character who’s also now a prominent character in TYH. I’m sure that’s probably not all that unusual, but I find it funny in a coincidence kinda way…

Anyhoo, YIN’s character is a has been hallyu starlet who hasn’t worked in two years because of a scandal. She’s also, at this point, getting “older” ( though she looks young as ever) so the demand for her is at an all time low. To make matters worse, she’s not a very good actress, which seems to be an inside joke. She wants this particular role and has to go to “real” work in a law office as a secretary alongside our hero LDW. Of course, he’s not happy at all with this turn of events. The rest of the office staff, aside from one person is enamored with her. She exhibits typical star behavior, but she’s no dummy — just entitled. She knows how to work a room. She’s annoying, but still very cute.

LDW, otoh, is prickly, organized, and expects a certain standard to be upheld where work is concerned. I actually agree with him, especially in a law office, but he really needs to lighten up, if only a little. I don’t find him as handsome here as I previously have, and I really don’t like his banged hair — much prefer it off his face.

I’m really not feeling the current music tracks used in these last three dramas, they just don’t seem to fit, IMO. What I like about this drama so far though, is that it laughs at itself and plays like a movie reel from time to time, with commercial ops thrown in too. Very funny! Hope it continues!

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Finished Familiar Wife

I have mixed feelings about how this one ends, but I guess that has a lot to do with how I “thought” things should go, and cause I kinda felt that Woo Jin wasn’t true to her character in one episode in particular. It was good to see that the effort on both of their parts, to approach their marriage in a completely different way held strong. There were a couple of moments where they both had the opportunity to regress, but overcame.

There were also situations and characters whose stories were left up in the air, and way too much time spent with the goings on and characters at work. I never totally understood or got a handle on the other time traveler’s story. And Woo Jin’s dad — what was the purpose of intervening there? Have to say that it’s always nice to see Jo Jung Suk tho!

Still think it’s worth the watch…

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10 episodes in — Familiar Wife

It was a given from the start that Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) was going to learn some valuable lessons here regarding his former marriage to Woo Jin ( Han Ji Min). As I watch those lessons unfold, I have to admit that I’m moved by his reactions to his part in failing Woo Jin so selfishly. I didn’t get the impression that, initially, it was intentional, but it became easier and easier for him to neglect his suffering wife as time went on. I have to say that although we see Woo Jin’s suffering, she’s not the type you really feel sorry for, but admire. Her problems with him, her Mom, her job, and raising two children virtually on her own, could’ve caused a full blown depression, but her anger showed how much fight she has in her. In choosing another life and wife without her, Joo Hyuk sees what an admirable person she really is, and what she became as a result being married to him.

IMHO, but not really because I’m a fool for love, he should leave her be, and let her be happy. Still, I understand that he gave her no choice in their previous combined destiny, so walking away isn’t that easy. Also, the destiny that he’s chosen with Hye Won goes to prove that he just AINT good husband material. His chosen wife is rich, self entitled, and kinda unlikable, but he’s still severely lacking even where she’s concerned. I can’t not feel sorry for him though….dunno why?

One thing’s for sure…..he’s suffering! But it’s causing others to suffer as well.

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I hadn’t intended too…..but

I started “Familiar Wife” with Ji Sung and Han Mi Jin. I wanted to just get a taste of it and put it away for future viewing, but the first episode was so hilarious that I had to go on! I knew Ji Sung had a comedic edge to him, but Han Ji Min?!?! Who knew!

As a married couple of 5 years, they’ve hit a pretty bad rough spot, which is really serious in and of itself, but it’s so funny how MEAN she is, and how he’s so afraid of her! And boy does she curse like a sailor! The visual for me was hard to swallow because HJM is so petite and angelic looking. Yet, some of the stressors that can and do happen in a marriage can make even the sweetest person turn into a Tasmanian devil.

I’ve made it to ep 2 and the seriousness of how they’ve reached this point in their marriage is starting to unfold. Ji Sung is checking out of his marriage and fantasizing about the girl that got away. It’s a fantasy, and the story appears to be heading to a case of “ the grass is not always greener.” It’s sad to think, too, that only after 5 years of marriage, things are so bad, but again, it happens. They’ve got the cutest toddler and baby though, and I find myself looking forward to this couple working their problems out…

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