The Korean Confession

It never fails to surprise me the reaction we get from characters when one or the other confesses their feelings. It’s obviously a BIG deal and seems to almost equate with a proposal for marriage. I wonder if it’s really like that among the common folk? I mean what if someone really likes you, and wants to confess their feelings, but you’re not that into them? It’s like you have to be honest with them while not only trying to spare their feelings, but also feeling the heavy burden of responsibility because you don’t feel the same way.

I know, I know, it’s a cultural thing, but they seem to take “responsibility” to an unreal and unfair level. Seriously, why am “I” responsible for your feelings, when I haven’t returned them or done anything to make you think that I liked you? It’s almost like making one feel guilty and burdened just for being themselves. I guess they live by the mantra that we are “ our brothers keeper.” They do it a lot in not only love instances, but also in family and work relationships…..and let’s not forget the effect that social media has on them! Sheesh to the 12th degree squared!!


Former DramaFever executive sues Warner Bros

Article: “Former DramaFever executive sues Warner Bros alleging anti-Asian discrimination,” Source: Los Angeles Times

Chung H. Chang found himself not only unemployed, but falsely blamed by one of the most powerful media companies for “significant legal liabilities” the company potentially faces for failing to properly license music used on the programs hosted by Digital Labs.

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Well, well, well…

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I’m happy to see foreheads making a comeback

Slowly but surely…


News: Update to this site coming!

WordPress has been having specials to entice site-holders to upgrade their experience and I thought I might just move this site from a free site with random ads from WP to the first entry-level plan. This will allow me to have more space for any images we’d like to include, and make some minor stylistic changes.

The most significant change, though, is that it allows me to have a domain name for the site, so I think I’ll go with the existing name, minus the “.wordpress” portion —

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Yolette’s 2019 Viewing List

I’m starting a list, too, because I’m feeling confident I will manage to dive back in this year, at least somewhat:


    1. Nirvana in Fire 2 ❤  ❤ ❤
    2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim ❤❤
    3. While You Were Sleeping ❤❤
    4. The Story of Yanxi Palace ❤❤❤❤
    5. Lawless Lawyer
    6. Overprotected Kahoko
    7. Attention, Love

In Progress / On Hold / Dropped

  1. My Mister (on hold)
  2. Memories of Alhambra (on hold)
  3. Ever Night (on hold)
  4. Well-Intended Love (on hold)
  5. Search: WWW (in progress)

This list will be edited throughout the year

Chingu’s 2019 Viewing List

Of course it’s early days but here it is:


  1. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

In Progress / On Hold / Dropped

  1. Mr. Sunshine (in progress)
  2. Love Alert (on hold)
  3. Here to Heart (on hold)
  4. Miracle we Met (in progress)

This list will be edited throughout the year

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Robin’s 2019 Viewing List


  1. C – Love O2O
  2. J – Caution, Hazardous Wife ❤️
  3. J – Pretty Proofreader
  4. C – Here to Heart
  5. J – Overprotected Kahoko ❤️
  6. J – May I Blackmail You?
  7. J – Fukuyadou Honpo – Kyoto Love Story
  8. J – Tokyo Tarereba Girls ❤️
  9. K – The Last Empress
  10. J – Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa
  11. J – A Sharply Graceful Girl
  12. K – Page Turner
  13. J – Stay Tuned!
  14. C – Ever Night ❤️ ❤️
  15. K – He Is Psychometric ❤️
  16. C – She Is Beautiful
  17. C – I Hear You
  18. C – Well-intended Love
  19. K – Her Private Life ❤️❤️❤️
  20. K – The Fiery Priest ❤️
  21. K – Beauty Inside ❤️
  22. J – Sumika Sumire

In Progress…

  • K – Ms. Ma, Nemesis
  • C – Nirvana in Fire II
  • K – Prison Playbook
  • C – A Love So Beautiful
  • C – My Huckleberry Friend
  • C – With You
  • K – Memories of the Alhambra
  • K – Orange Marmalade
  • K – Abyss (Active)
  • K – Kingdom
  • K – Search: WWW (Active)
  • K – Persona
  • K – Angel’s Last Mission: Love (Active)
  • K – The Secret Life of My Secretary (Active)
  • C – All Is Well

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