The “Song” Couple

I’m not surprised…..and they would’ve made some beautiful babies together. Still, the disintegration of so short a seemingly loving courtship and marriage is disheartening for whatever “undisclosed “ reason……

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Sad to hear this…

Micky Yoochun was arrested on charges of buying and using illegal drugs. I knew the allegations were out there, but now that he was actually arrested over destruction of evidence, being a possible flight risk and dropped by his management company, I can only hope that he has a good lawyer. I’m not judging cause I know what drugs can do, but his career is sadly over, at least for now. Hopefully Korea loves a good “comeback” story as much as America does…

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Chingus..hope you have a lovely Easter!

After all the rain and gloom of these past couple of days..I hope that we are blessed with glorious sunshine and balmy weather..don’t eat too many Easter eggs!

The Consequences of Change and Time

I came across this article and it really hit home: “When the Web Loses It’s Memory.” For those of us here who have enjoyed and lost our old “Rincón Latino” and Telenovela World sites, where we poured many, many hours worth of thoughts, summaries, and snarky comments, and obsessed over telenovelas and their characters and actors, it reminded me of just how much we’ve lost. Not just the hours of effort represented by those posts, but the contacts and friendships formed as we poured our hearts into them are now just memories.

I don’t know how long this site will keep going, but I promise here that as its Administrator I will keep regular backups and do my best to keep these memories going. And, I promise simply to enjoy it today and know that things change, people change, and software and times and what not changes, and accept it.

Carpe diem!

Just an observation

Last week, I had a patient of Korean descent and AMA (advanced maternal age) who had a beautiful baby boy. While I found her pleasant enough ( considering she was over 40, had a big 8+lb baby, and hemorrhoids the size of an avocado) other nurses on my unit found both her and her husband somewhat demanding, abrupt and eager to express their unhappiness with any and everything.

Now we have had many Chinese patients intermittently, who, for the most part, act completely the opposite. I don’t know whether it was just them, or if it was a cultural thing, but I was still excited about actually having people that I can relate to my beloved Kdramas.

It was fun to recognize certain words and phrases that I’ve come to know, and I found it very endearing that she “Oppa-ed” her husband to death! Lol… We don’t get many Korean patients at our community hospital, but they didn’t leave a good impression on my co-workers…


The Korean Confession

It never fails to surprise me the reaction we get from characters when one or the other confesses their feelings. It’s obviously a BIG deal and seems to almost equate with a proposal for marriage. I wonder if it’s really like that among the common folk? I mean what if someone really likes you, and wants to confess their feelings, but you’re not that into them? It’s like you have to be honest with them while not only trying to spare their feelings, but also feeling the heavy burden of responsibility because you don’t feel the same way.

I know, I know, it’s a cultural thing, but they seem to take “responsibility” to an unreal and unfair level. Seriously, why am “I” responsible for your feelings, when I haven’t returned them or done anything to make you think that I liked you? It’s almost like making one feel guilty and burdened just for being themselves. I guess they live by the mantra that we are “ our brothers keeper.” They do it a lot in not only love instances, but also in family and work relationships…..and let’s not forget the effect that social media has on them! Sheesh to the 12th degree squared!!


Former DramaFever executive sues Warner Bros

Article: “Former DramaFever executive sues Warner Bros alleging anti-Asian discrimination,” Source: Los Angeles Times

Chung H. Chang found himself not only unemployed, but falsely blamed by one of the most powerful media companies for “significant legal liabilities” the company potentially faces for failing to properly license music used on the programs hosted by Digital Labs.

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Well, well, well…

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