Robin, I watched “A Sharply, Graceful Girl”

I enjoyed this short but delightful drama and found myself wanting more. Very interesting historical tidbits about the city of Kyoto, and the blooming friendship (romance?) between these two young people. I believe Yorichan said it best regarding Kyoto, “…this small, cramped city,” but the beauty of it couldn’t be denied.

What amazed me most, believe it or not, was how tangled, but orderly the vast amounts of wires connected to the electric and telephone poles were! They were everywhere! I was like “ Wow!” with one major storm to hit the power, the city of Kyoto would light up and spark like the light and laser show at Disneyland!! Beautiful cinematography, sweet relationships, and kind and thoughtful characters — even though the locals were snobs, LOL


A Sharply Graceful Girl – An “amuse bouche” of a drama

How nice it is to watch a drama that’s short and sweet; at just about 80 minutes (minus credits), A Sharply Graceful Girl is a pleasant visit to Kyoto to spend time with two attractive young people as they explore some historic hotspots.

The male lead is the Bambi-eyed, tender-hearted Nikao Masaki, playing a writer transferred to Kyoto from Tokyo by his parent company to write for a local tourist magazine. Finding it hard to fully understand the nuances of Kyoto (versus Tokyo) life, he commits several inscrutable faux pas (from the locals’ perspective), but meets a slightly churlish but cute tobacconist (Yokoyama Yui) who inadvertently becomes his guide.

Whilst taking in temples and tasty treats they gently ease into falling in love (in the 4 short episodes) as she warms to his naive enthusiasm and gets over her past issues.

The drama could have done with a little more depth, but it was definitely a pleasant diversion, and it was fun to pick up the Kyoto tips. Who knew they were such snobs?!

Viki Synopsis: Yuichi Yamada (Masaki Nikao) is Kyoto based a magazine editor from Tokyo. One day while in Kyoto, he meets a French couple that asks for directions. Unable to speak French, he discovers a nearby tobacco shop owner, Yoriko Shindo (Yui Yokoyama), who is fluent and able to help. Impressed by her fluent French and unique personality, he takes interest. Will she snub this clumsy city boy, or will her heart slowly open up? “A Sharply Graceful Girl” is a 2018 Japanese drama based on the webcomic “Hannari Girori no Yoriko-san” by Yukiko Asano.

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