Omo! Shit’s getting real now…


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Because This Is My First Life – Ep 6

Ay Dios can such small little words like “our” and “us” be sooo powerful?? They’re little but they pack such a huge punch because of everything that they imply and I can totally understand why she would be so tickled pink to hear them.

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Such wise words…


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Because This Is My First Life – Ep 5

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Because This Is My First Life – Ep 4

It’s so weird to see Lee Min Ki behaving like such a zombie, I’m used to seeing him much more laid-back and easygoing, hahaha. Continue reading

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Because This Is My First Life – Ep 3

First of all..let me totally superficial and tell you how much I am enjoying watching this tall lanky matter what he wears..I love it all!!!

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Because This Is My First Life – Ep 2

This guy has totally won me over – I could happily just sit and watch him in his stillness.

Spoilers after the jump.

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Because This Is My First Life Ep 1


Sorry if I’m jumping the gun.  It’s my day off today and since I had a few hours to kill I dived in.  Also, I just got a Firestick, so for the first time I’m watching a Kdrama on my big-screen TV instead of my laptop.  I like it!  Easier to take notes!

But on to the episode!!

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Adding 2 new items to my viewing list – I’m Not a Robot and 20th Century Boy and Girl

I’m stalling on finishing the last 3 episodes of Because This Is My First Life because I don’t want it to end – kind of how I felt about Fight My Way too – so I took up 20th Century Boy and Girl (completed on air) because I’d seen comments that it was just a sweet, low angst-type romance and I’m Not A Robot (currently airing) because I really liked Chae Soo-bin in Strongest Deliveryman and well, yes… baby So Ji-sub Yoo Seung-ho!

So far, the one that looks most compelling (but I say that after only having seen 3 hours-worth) is the latter, with a fresh plot and very cute-together lead couple, but I am also enjoying Han Ye-seul, who I always enjoy in her dramas, but especially Kim Ji-sook in his first leading role as the guy who gets the girl. I think we’ve all seen him suffer enough, don’t you? (Not that he could really compete with Eric Moon in I Need Romance 2012.) He has this especially winsome self-deprecating or rueful grin that would slay any pair of ovaries I know!

I will (probably) wrap up First Life this weekend (if I can prepare myself for withdramadrawal pangs), so I’m happy to have these waiting for me. What looks good to you? I think Go Back Spouses might be a good choice for a group view – what say you?

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Thru episode 6 of ‘First Life’

I will try to avoid anything that will spoil this for you because this drama is all about discoveries (in a good way!) But 6 episodes in and I love everything about it, but especially the writing and the development of the characters.

I was charmed and intrigued by the lead couple – how could I not be with that cast? – but the secondary story of the best friends of the leads has grabbed me almost as hard. You know how you get annoyed with the story shifts to anyone other than Him and/or Her story? Well I am just as invested in the story of her friend Soo Ji and his friend and boss CEO Ma and how they intersect. It is stunningly contemporary to what is going on in the news these days and there is a scene that happens in this last episode that is just so now and so un-Korean in the way it voices out what women (and the men who support women’s rights) around the Western world are rightfully exposing.

I love the way this show has made me shift from outrage to glee to sadness to sweetness so effortlessly and so well. This one is one I want to watch again; the perfect solution to waiting for the newest episodes!

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