Caution, Hazardous Wife – Series Review

I’m celebrating! This is the first Japanese drama series that I’ve watched in a while that managed to surprise and touch me — a long while!

Bouquets are due to the actors and writer of Caution, Hazardous Wife for breaking the drought.

I loved the pairing of Ayase Haruka and (hottie, who at 47 means he’s not exactly jail bait) Nishijima Hidetoshi as the couple that manages to fall in love at first sight and make me enjoy that trope.

The writer deserves special praise (and I suppose Nippon TV too for buying and airing this) because the story touches on some pretty adult topics (which I’ll touch on after the break) and gets the points made in the relatively short structure of each episode.

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Hopeful about a Japanese drama (really!)

I’d always wondered why Viki, owned by Japanese company Rakuten, doesn’t offer more Japanese titles, but tonight I spotted one that intrigued me (even though I was really on my way to NIF2): Caution, Hazardous Wife, aka Okusama wa, Toriatsukai Chuui.

While I’ve only watched the first episode (of 10), it was sufficiently interesting that I will be back for more, especially because it has 2 actresses I like – Ayase Haruka as the titular “hazardous wife” and Hirosue Ryoko who I have liked in everything I’ve seen her in (even the not-so-good Mr Brain with Kimura Takuya) because she has such a natural expression. She was also in the very good movie, Departures.

The plot sounds kind of familiar, along the lines of an old Geena Davis movie, I think, where she plays a former assassin or spy who’s now a housewife, or the Josie Brown “The Housewife Assassin” books. Ayase Haruka is a former secret agent of some sort who wants out of that life so she can have the warm family life she never had as a child. She achieves her goal (it seems) and settles into a new neighborhood and meets two women and they become friends – friends who aren’t afraid to meddle when it comes to doing the right thing.

At only 10 episodes (about an hour each), this reminds me of many of the J-dramas I used to watch. And because it’s a short one, hopefully it won’t have time to go off the rails! Fingers crossed 🤞

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