Series Impressions: Where Stars Land

I finally got around to finishing up Where Stars Land (aka Fox Bride Star) and I’ll give it a “meh.”

There are things to like about the series. It is set in a fresh environment (we’re to assume it’s Incheon International Airport), but that’s as much a plus as a minus because too often dramas with a lot of workplace-related storylines turn into proselytizing pseudo-training pieces, which happens here more than I find entertaining. Do I really care about display signage blocking gift shop entrances (and potentially harming – gasp – small children)? But I appreciated the potential of the location, if not the execution.

Lee Je-hoon is talented and almost carries the drama (with his bionic superstrength, it was needed at times) because the young man can do vulnerable and tender and confused really well. But I was confused about his interest in Chae Soo-bin’s character because it seemed as if her often obtuse, blockheaded earnest peppiness mixed with a dollop of generational cluelessness about what a job entails (work) did not especially endear her to me. I like Chae Soo-bin, but she was not endowed with the most appealing character.

I liked the storylines with a number of the “older” workers/managers at the airport, especially that of the exes who manage different teams and don’t make a huge drama out of their past, but sadly Lee Dong-gun’s long legs and sharp glances can’t save his paint-by-the-numbers role of a step-hyung who isn’t a good guy (until he is).

While I liked the introduction of the supporting young co-worker/security guard/romance couple, particularly Kim Kyung-nam’s attempt to be a good supervisor/role model, the youthfulness of the characters strained credulity. It felt like some highschool or college kids were thrown into the workplace and told to put on costumes and “act.” They did not have the skillset to pull this off.

By now you should be able to see why this was indeed a “meh” drama in my books, but if you love Lee Je-hoon you’ll love it. But oh, by the way, when it comes to the final moments, be prepared to be puzzed. (And that’s all I’m saying…)

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Adding 2 new items to my viewing list – I’m Not a Robot and 20th Century Boy and Girl

I’m stalling on finishing the last 3 episodes of Because This Is My First Life because I don’t want it to end – kind of how I felt about Fight My Way too – so I took up 20th Century Boy and Girl (completed on air) because I’d seen comments that it was just a sweet, low angst-type romance and I’m Not A Robot (currently airing) because I really liked Chae Soo-bin in Strongest Deliveryman and well, yes… baby So Ji-sub Yoo Seung-ho!

So far, the one that looks most compelling (but I say that after only having seen 3 hours-worth) is the latter, with a fresh plot and very cute-together lead couple, but I am also enjoying Han Ye-seul, who I always enjoy in her dramas, but especially Kim Ji-sook in his first leading role as the guy who gets the girl. I think we’ve all seen him suffer enough, don’t you? (Not that he could really compete with Eric Moon in I Need Romance 2012.) He has this especially winsome self-deprecating or rueful grin that would slay any pair of ovaries I know!

I will (probably) wrap up First Life this weekend (if I can prepare myself for withdramadrawal pangs), so I’m happy to have these waiting for me. What looks good to you? I think Go Back Spouses might be a good choice for a group view – what say you?

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