Chief Kim – all finished!

I must say that I quite enjoyed it and I’m going to miss these people..or at least most of them! Yes there were some moments when I wanted to shout and say..”Can you please be serious for a minute????” After a while though the goofiness  of our hero came with the territory and didn’t bother me as much and in fact – when some brief and shining moments did come – they seemed even more poignant and heartwrenching by contrast. I did hesitate when I found out that romance wasn’t going to make an appearance but really it did (after all). A good bromance can be just as satisfying in a totally different way and I loved it here!!

Spoilers below, tc – in case you want to watch this…

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Chief Kim – first impressions

As I mentioned in my other post, I had been wanting to check this out because of Namgoong Min anyway, but had a second reason once I found out about another young man who starred in this.

I’m at the end of Ep. 6 and I must say that I’m all over  the place in how I feel about it. I feel that it’s slowly coming together though.

First of all, I’m not crazy about this look of his and I find it distracting! Secondly, because I’m not a fan of over the top anything (a big reason why I drop so many Taiwanese dramas)  I was shocked – not necessarily in a good way – when I saw the very same thing here!!

Sigh… but having said that, I’m intrigued by the fact that he’s not the typical hero. I like the fact that he’s trying hard to look out for no 1 but finds it more of a struggle as time goes on and he finds himself reacting in an unexpected way. I can see why he would want to put himself first; his childhood must have taught him what kind of life he DIDN’T want, though he works for gangsters, though he cavorts with them, he isn’t one at heart and that’s heartwarming.

I love the fact that he’s been erroneously labelled as Mr. Righteous and finds himself acting to live up to that title. Our heroine is really more of the same – not too many surprises there. As to our villain, I’ve developed this very sneaky liking for him. Yes he’s a total jerk and doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities – except for the fact that he seems to be like our hero in a way – deciding on this life for the same reasons really though in a different way. I don’t know if it’s the actor playing him that is giving me my “crush” or the way the character is written (probably both), but there are moments where he appears quite vulnerable and human (before he returns to Mr. Nasty) and those are the moments that give me pause. For instance..his crush – he looks like a shy little boy who doesn’t know how to act around her, or even in his dealings with Mr. Kim. There are times when he acts like an annoyed parent impatiently enduring the behaviour of his naughty child. I quite enjoy the scenes between them actually. I know that things can go in a totally different direction and he could go totally to the dark side but that’s not the vibe I’m getting.

Anyway..because of these little surprises I’m enjoying it so far..I’m not at the stage where I can’t wait to see the next episode but it’s nice to know that it’s there..waiting for me..and that’s a good thing.

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