Former DramaFever executive sues Warner Bros

Article: “Former DramaFever executive sues Warner Bros alleging anti-Asian discrimination,” Source: Los Angeles Times

Chung H. Chang found himself not only unemployed, but falsely blamed by one of the most powerful media companies for “significant legal liabilities” the company potentially faces for failing to properly license music used on the programs hosted by Digital Labs.

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Well, well, well…

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A few more Dramafever details

Here’s another article from Variety on the recent debacle. One bit I found interesting was this:

“Kunhee Park, CEO of KCP, said he expected DramaFever to make some kind of change in its business given its aggressive spending on programming rights. But he said he expected Warner Bros. to try to sell DramaFever rather than kill it off. “They spent a lot money in the market, in the Korean production ecosystem, to acquire content,” Park said. KCP had approached DramaFever about bundling Kocowa with the service, “but they were not interested in a nonexclusive approach.””

Sigh… I’m not bitter… (much)

Also, I got a response from Dramafever re: my initial confusion as to why I’d been told that I had canceled my subscription (instead of the other way around). It stated much the same stuff as was posted on their website; no news of any significance. The kicker though was the follow up email to that response — a survey asking how well they did and if I was satisfied! 🤣 😢 😜



I’m in shock!

I got an email telling me my Dramafever subscription was canceled – out of the blue! I went to the site and saw this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.54.19 PM

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Observations on Memory Lost

No spoilers, of course, but I just had to comment on something I observed in this production — it’s something I’ve never noticed before!

It looks like they’ve used one very large, very white (all white) room as a multi-purpose location set! The detectives’ office, the pathology lab, and one other (at least) police building room have all been filmed there, simply by changing out the furniture and swapping the angles. Talk about frugal! And unrealistic: how could any civil office building retain it’s sparking cleanliness?

I’ve watched all available episodes (8 of 32-ish) and it’s light on the logic and complexity, but it’s kind of fun all the same. Their accuracy and attention to proper police procedurals is about as authentic as we see in most medical dramas, but I’m not taking it as a training course so I’ll let that slide and let the slightly comic-book-ish ridiculousness wash over me as I watch!

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Added 2 New Shows to My View List

(I’ll apparently do anything to put off saying adios to Park Seo-joon!)

I began Memory Lost, a Chinese drama with actors who are new to me, and The Package, with lovely Lee Yeon-hee and cutie Jung Yong-hwa and they’re pleasant diversions so far.

Memory Lost is a detective show with an amnesia twist; the two detectives (she’s a criminal psychologist and he’s more of a Sherlock, observe the clues type – both very good at their jobs, though he gets referred to as a “god” for his abilities and she’s just “Boss”) are connected but don’t know it. Some incident happened 5 years earlier and she lost her memories and he lost all trace of her and also can’t remember her face – no spoilers I guess as it’s central to the plot and posted everywhere – they were once lovers. Work brings them together again they have no clue what they meant to each other. The investigation stuff is a little cheesy, but things zip along so it’s sufficiently entertaining.

The Package is great for those with the travel bug (or bad for those with the travel bug who can’t go anywhere right now), especially if you want to go to France where it’s primarily set. Lee Yeon-hee (who I really fell for in Miss Korea) is a tour guide for Korean tourists on high end package tours and Jung Yong-hwa (who I hope gets to sing at some point 😍) is a single guy who’s trying to decide what his future will hold. It’s only 12 episodes and it’s on cable, so it’s a little more willing to push the sexy angle, plus the settings and experience of the group so far remind me of my own travels around Paris. They’re off to Mont St. Michele by episode 3 so I’m looking forward to that too, especially seeing it on a sunnier day than was my lot! There’s a hint of some darker misfortunes for those on the trip, including the leads, so it’s not all happy-happy. So far, so good!

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Korean Broadcasters Launch U.S. Streaming Service, Taking on Warner Bros.’ DramaFever

Did y’all see this, by Todd Spangler 3 days ago in Variety?

“American fans of Korean dramas and K-pop are getting a new streaming-video option: Kocowa, a service launching in the U.S. from the three biggest broadcasters in Korea.

Kocowa offers U.S. audiences access to a lineup of Korean TV programs from all three broadcasters — KBS, MBC and SBS — as soon as six hours after they’re broadcast in Korea. The service will compete primarily with DramaFever, the Korean-entertainment streaming service owned by Warner Bros.

Launching Monday, Kocowa (on the web at is available for 99 cents per day, $6.99 monthly or $69.99 per year; in addition, there’s a free option with ads that enables access to content within 24 hours of release. The service is launching from KCP Global, an L.A.-based joint venture formed in November 2016 by the trio of broadcasters.

Shows on Kocowa include popular TV dramas such as “School 2017” (pictured above), “Into the World Again,” “The King in Love,” “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim,” “My Father Is Strange,” and “The King 2 Hearts.” The service also offers 2016’s two most popular Korean variety shows, “Running Man” and “2 Days 1 Night.”

“We are thrilled to bring the best of Korean TV to U.S. audiences with Kocowa,” KCP Global CEO Jungsik Kim said in a statement. “We not only offer the best of Korean TV, we also offer it very fast, with very high-quality translations.”

Over the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday, Kocowa subscribers also will have exclusive video access to the 2017 World Tour of top K-pop artist G-Dragon, titled “Act III, M.O.T.T.E” (“Moment of Truth: The End”), in North and South America.

To provide Korean programs nearly simultaneously in the U.S. after they air, the company is working with a certified translation team that immediately translates the programs into English when the programs run in Korea.

KCP using service providers for infrastructure management, billing and customer services, include Kaltura for the streaming video and Stripe for billing, along with others including Viki and On Demand Korea.

KCP estimates that there are an estimated 35 million fans of Korean entertainment and pop culture globally, with 8 million “K-wave” aficionados in the U.S. Kocowa is currently available in North and South America.

Kocowa, which stands for “Korean Content Wave,” is available on multiple platforms including PC, mobile and tablet. Later this year, the service also will be available to stream on connected TVs.”


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