Finished ‘Life on Mars’


Gotta say I enjoyed it!

This drama is based off a UK series of the same name, which I watched 10 minutes of like 10 years ago, but couldn’t get into, mostly because the protagonist ends up in the 1970s, which is the decade I hate the most, hahaha. The protagonist of this one goes back to the 80s, so it’s better. Also, 1980s Korea much more interesting than 1970s Britain!
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Finished Radiant Office – Final thoughts

This was a very nice experience all round! I actually looked forward to each episode and unfortunately I had missed that feeling with my previous dramas.

As mentioned before, my favourite characters were the trio of friends who started out together in the oddest of ways. I loved the fact that each person was so unique and that they complemented each other so well, but what I loved about them was the unshakeable support they gave each other. What I loved was the fact that they rooted for each other — despite the fact that they were officially true competition. How refreshing! The backstabbing and betrayal was left in other people’s hands.

I loved the way the main couple came together, starting with mutual respect (though it took awhile), but it grew gradually, turning into a more bonded and connected pairing — great friends first and foremost. This was not the most passionate couple, but still, it seemed just right.

The secondary characters and side plots were also interesting and really there was only one over-the-top character to really cringe at — not too bad at all.

The only “negative” I would say, was that the last episode felt a little rushed and it threw the pacing off. There were a couple of characters that were really unexplored and for whom we never got a satisfactory storyline. As well I really hated the last minute instance of noble idiocy that took place. I don’t know what happened to cause this when otherwise it had been just perfect. Truth be told I lost track of the episode number while I was watching and I was shocked to see the ending credits. I could have sworn we had another episode to go!!

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I started up on Radiant Office

Up to episode 8 and I’m loving it so far. In fact yesterday I just couldn’t make myself stop watching – (that hasn’t happened in a while!!!).

Robin, I know that you have already seen it and I think you enjoyed it too? Anyway..this actress is one of my favourites and she’s doing a masterful job with this character. I love her pluck..her optimism..her patience and her strength..I adore all her imaginatory scenes–we’ve all been! I can’t really say the same for him, not that he isn’t good, only that it’s more of the same that I’ve seen in the last two dramas. I love (most of)  these characters–my favourite being the trio of contract workers who have become a little “family” that started out in such a strange way–there have been times when I’ve just broken out in laughter–love it!! One thing for sure.

I’m so  happy that I don’t have to work in Korea!! I’m sure that I’d never survive!!

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Radiant Office – Final Impressions

Ha Suk-jin, Go Ah-sung, you did not disappoint me one minute of this drama! Nor did the plot (penned by a newbie too) or production, for that matter.

They mess with our emotions by setting the stage (and is it a spoiler if it’s in all the promotional materials for the drama?) by telling us that one of the characters is faced with a fatal illness and must make the most of life after realizing a goal, of finding a job – albeit as temporary contractors – at an important furniture (think Crate and Barrel meets Ikea) company. But that’s almost a plot sidebar when you get to spend time with the 3 hapless contractor employees, played by Go Ah-sung (Heard it thru the Grapevine), Lee Dong-hwi (Answer Me 1988), and Hoya (Answer Me 1997). Maybe it’s because I’m currently job hunting, but the travails of the interview process, the insults they face as lowly contract workers, and the support and encouragement they give each other is really some of the best stuff in the drama.

I loved how grumpy Ha Suk-jin reveals himself to just be a fair guy with high standards who’s willing to be a mentor to the people on his small work team – particularly Go Ah-sung’s funny/brave/meek/bold Eun Ho-won. I felt that the progression of his involvement in the lives of the people he’s responsible for as a manager to people he cares for had a natural, organic flow. Things don’t always happen in a hurry in this show, but it has a pace that feels realistic – as realistic as the office politics.

It was also fun to see Kim Dong-wook in this drama too, as the maybe antagonist/maybe benefactor as it’s been a while since I’ve seen him onscreen. Who can forget him in Coffee Prince as he’d call out for “his Eun-chan-ah”?

I look forward to the next project from this writer; she shows a lot of promise.

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Is Ha Suk-jin only going…

Is Ha Suk-jin only going to play jerks? Looks like it! I guess that I don’t really mind as he’s very good at it, but also completely cute when he sees the error of his ways. Next up: Radiant Office, with the charming Go Ah-sung (who was outstanding in Heard It Through the Grapevine).

The only downside is her boss, played by Ha Suk-jin (1% of Anything), whose nickname “King of Jerks” doesn’t do justice to his uptight and heartless personality.

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