Possessed – Final thoughts

Somewhere along the way the lightness that served to balance the heaviness of the main plot just faded away and it went unbearably, heartbreakingly, agonizingly DARK! This has to be one the cruelest drama that I’ve seen and the last few episodes were so hard to watch… and yet I had to see the final outcome. I felt that the writers started out really well but I don’t believe that they delivered what they set out to and it just left me very angry and dissatisfied with the whole thing!! You have been warned!!!

Having said that I thought that the actors did an excellent job with what they were given..our hero was so real and so fragile and so human that you just wanted to give him a hug..but at the end of the day..these characters were brought to a breaking point and the utter bone crushing weariness that they were feeling came right through the screen..now THAT’s a job well done!



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Having finished “My Terrius” I moved on to “Possessed” – something totally different.

Didn’t know much about it but I was browsing Netflix and I wanted something different, so decided to have a look. The first thing I noticed of course was the lead actor, Song Sae-Byeok. I loved him in My Ajhussi and was delighted to recognize him (though I wish his brothers would show up!) He’s definitely not our typical handsome leading man but there’s something about his face that I find so appealing and just looking at him makes me certain that there’s lots going on inside that head of his.

His character/personality has shades from that of his previous drama. He plays a cop who clearly has alot of baggage..who looks so unkempt that he’s mistaken for the criminal when trying to arrest a real one..he’s grumpy and irritable ..you get my drift..but hiding under that gruff exterior is a tender heart which he tries to hide. It shows when he goes out of his way to play with a little girl whose mother was just murdered, or when he stops his car to warn an old lady to leave or she would be arrested. You just have to like this guy. And..he’s no keystone cop either..thank goodness!

And then we have our leading lady..don’t know that much about her yet except for the fact that she has supernatural powers, communicates with spirits and can definitely recognize evil ones when she sees them.  I like that she’s really collected, sure of herself, very perceptive and doesn’t exhibit an ounce of hysteria or over the top behaviour. I think these two are going to be a great team..she sees right through his exterior and he grudgingly is starting to respect her abilities…not quite believing her but not discarding her entirely either.

As background we have a very evil (and I mean REALLY evil) serial killer who needs catching and these two are just the right team to do so.  I don’t think I can watch more than one episode at a time though..can’t really bear to watch too much of the creepy murderer (who thinks that he’s the reincarnation of an executed one) but maybe the next time I chime in I will have finished it because the cliffhangers were just too good!! We shall see..

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