Dokkaebi Opinions?

Edited 10/17/2018 – with the shut-down of Dramafever (who held the exclusive right to this drama and others), watching this show is going to be on hold until further notice.

I’m gonna make Goblin commenting easy for you, Yolette!

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Dokkaebi episode 16 Finale

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Dokkaebi – ep 16, Finale

I’m not sure why a drama that made my eyes well up so much resonated so deeply with me, but this one sure did. I’ve seen it billed as a melodrama (which I normally avoid), and I can see that, but to me this story lived on a different level. So let’s take a look under the covers… Spoilers after the jump.


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Dokkaebi – ep 15, Why do I feel so uneasy?

With only the final episode to go, this should be the time when lovers are rewarded and villains or problems vanquished, but is that where we really are? Can we not just enjoy a satisfying dinner of happy pretty?


Spoilers after the jump, and I’m not going to even apologize for the pic spam.

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Dokkaebi – ep 14, Reset

Even with what transpires in this episode I still need more tissues! Darn you, show! Spoilers after the jump.

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Dokkaebi – ep 13, Monsoon season?

Okay, we’ve still got 3 more long episodes to go and we have to use up our current stock of tissues already? More questions and more answers, but seriously, I’m almost wishing I remained in the dark. Spoilers after the jump.

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Dokkaebi – ep 12, Is it raining where you are?

Progress = tears it seems – at least more than a few of mine. Sunny and Reaper weren’t the only ones gripping their hearts. But at least we have photo booths. Spoilers after the jump.


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Dokkaebi – ep 11, Should we do that?

Finally! We see progress in terms of some (not all) questions being answered! But is that a good thing? Spoilers after that jump.

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