Remembering Yuko

More distressing news out of Japan: it was reported yesterday that Takeuchi Yuko (40) was found dead, an apparent suicide.

Her work made us laugh, cry, she was gifted at making us fall in love. However many of her dramas and movies you’ve seen, no doubt each title you’ll think of you’ll say to yourself, “ahh… she was sooo good in that!” It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite, but I’ll leave you with this song…

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Remembering Ben

I received news yesterday that our dear Phorum web guru and friend Ben Spade passed away last Tuesday.


Ben worked tirelessly to keep our Telenovelas website Phorum site, were we spent many hours and formed many friendships, long after it was easy to do so — browser and platform updates made things break if you looked at it cross eyed! But he faced health issues that had him retiring all too soon.

Over the past few years I’ve thought of him often. He was a joy to know and I hope you’ll understand how much I’ll miss him.

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OMG! NO!!!

Kim Joo Hyuk has died in a car crash! It’s not true is it?!?!?!?! I’m devastated!!

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Sad news to report: Kim Joo-hyuk’s passing

Early this morning it was reported on the Korean news wire that Kim Joo-hyuk died as a result of a car crash just a few minutes from his home in Seoul. There are details on the Korea Herald, but caution, there are photos of the accident scene as well.

There aren’t words enough to describe how sad this news is, so I’ll just say “Good night and Godspeed, dear Sargeant Choi.”

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