I started VIP and after 5 episodes…

So far I’m cautiously enjoying it. The main attraction for me was Jang Nara. I rarely pass up anything she’s in because she’s such a chameleon, sadly her last drama, ironically called The Last Empress, was a real dud so I was keeping my fingers crossed with this one. First of all she does do the classy look so well, those outfits fit her to a T!

She and Lee Sang Yoon play a married couple who work for the VIP special department..treating the extra rich customers with personal  kid gloves..I was actually surprised to see that they were married because their behaviour at work is so impersonal that there is no hint of a personal connection. So far his character is really hard to like..he seems so cold..so distant..so robotic..so empty…even on their ride home together there is little spoken..each one far away from the other..and then one day we discover that he is (or was) having an affair..and it’s probably with someone at the office….the audience receives the same hints as she does as she tries to learn the truth..and there is a list of possible attractive candidates to choose from. Her struggles are obvious..whom can she trust around her? In fact…the age old question that every betrayed wife asks: can she ever trust him again?

What I find interesting is that each character has their own story..very human story at that..some of their troubles we can even relate to..the feel of the show is really dark..in theme and in the visual sense..for instance..their house is always shown in shadows — oppressively so — we shall see if my interest remains strong till the end but even so..I’m not quitting on Jang Nara..lol

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Last Empress… Last words…

So, it was kind of like that merry-go-round where you’re just itching to get on that rocking horse but then when you do, you enjoy the first few rounds and then you start getting dizzy and you just can’t wait for the ride to end!! Well, I will confess, I didn’t wait for the ride to end, I jumped off, LOL!

I needed to get away from the circus and back to sanity, but hey, I lasted for 30 episodes, so I didn’t abandon ship right away! I was reminded how irritating I find the OTT dramas and this one was endless. Too much screeching going on for my liking.

I don’t want to paint it entirely with a black brush however, I did enjoy the performance of Shin Sung Rok a lot, he took a crazy character and ran with him, all the way to touching your heartstrings at times, even though he was clearly the evil guy who needed punishment. Jang Nara was consistent in her portrayal and it’s familiar territory for her so no surprises there. I felt that Choi Jin Hyuk was badly treated, or should I say his character certainly was and it didn’t help the fact that, because they extended the drama, he had conflicts and that led to the problem. There was even a cute little girl who looked like she could have stepped out of the miniature Stepford Wives, a little creepy at times that’s for sure but hey, she did belong to a crazy family, so you know what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree!

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Decided to check out the Last Empress

Mainly because of Jang Nara… I had no idea what this was all about except that it was about a mythical royal family (much like Goong). The 50 episodes gave me pause but they are just whizzing by since they are shorter. So far it’s been lots of fun. It’s zany… silly… evil… crazy…nothing to take too seriously kind of drama, and I guess that’s just what I’m in the mood for right now. lol!

The one I’m really impressed with so far is Shin Sung-rok. He’s nailing it as the Emperor with evil intentions who is forced to marry the naive commoner Sunny in order to save his “real” love. Jang Nara is impossibly naive and innocent and trusting and optomistic, a real Pollyana. Who knows how long this will last? There are alot of knives in the palace…

It’s nice to see Choi Jin Hyuk again – it’s been awhile. So far his character hasn’t been given that much to do except look solemn and handsome (easy peasy!!)

I might be changing my tune as time goes on but for now thumbs up for a bit of fluffy time – it had better not go dark on me…

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Go Back Couple – Final Impressions

I finished this shortie before the flu and Christmas ran away with my time and energies and thought I would come back and try to do the 2 episode summaries, but I find that I can’t muster the enthusiasm to go back and figure out what happened in those final 6 episodes so as to avoid spoilers! 😊 I’ll just have to lump it all together below (spoilers after the jump), but I will say that in general I enjoyed this drama and the couple and was surprised on a number of points — all good things!

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Go Back Couple – Eps 6-7

You know what I especially love about this drama? I love the fact that there are no filler characters. Even the 2nd layer secondary characters are given a unique role and piece of the fabric of the overall drama. I’m sure that in a lot of other dramas that cheating creep of a doctor and his jealous girlfriend/wife would act just as background, over the top noise, but yet here we get to see what’s going on behind her actions… her insecurities… her painful smiles and pretense… aw, how painful it is to contemplate the humiliation she was willing to endure to keep that idiot by her side. Bravo for giving her a new future thanks to our couple!

Course we have no idea what the consequences will be because of all this tampering do we? I know that time travel rules are made to be broken but at least they have to make sense. I’m all confused. LOL, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m so glad that the couple is finally talking to each other and clearing the air.

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Go Back Couple – Eps 4-5

The more I watch this drama the more I’m struck by how this is the saddest romantic comedy I can ever recall! You know going into something like Dokkaebi that there is heartache on offer, but here I was not expecting the depth of sorrow and loss they’re exploring.  More spoiler-ish content after the break.

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Go Back Couple – eps 2-3

I’m continuing to enjoy spending time with these guys. The side characters are showing more substance and individuality too and I look forward to getting reacquainted with the adult versions now that we’re getting to know these younger versions. Spoiler content after the break.

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Go Back Couple – episode 1

What a great start! I really enjoyed that first episode and it flew by so fast. I’m not sure I knew what to expect though I had a hazy idea about what it was about. It had a bit of everything..lovely comedic moments but really poignant ones as well which I didn’t expect.

Mild spoilers after the jump.

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