Happy New Year, Chingus! (And a couple of mentions)

It is with no regret that we bid goodbye to 2020 and await 2021 with hopeful patience but hopefully there were some good memories we can take away nonetheless!!

Dramas do present a nice escape from reality..even for a little while. So..just sharing some comments about a new drama that I just started.

It had been ages since I’d checked out a Taiwanese drama and I was curious about the actor Jasper Liu whom I’d heard about but never seen. I found a drama on Netflix called Before We get Married which looked interesting so I checked it out.

I’ve only seen about three episodes but so far I’m enjoying it. First of all, to my relief, there is only one annoying over the top character so that is a good thing. I really like the heroine (Puff Kuo), she’s a beautiful, classy actress and she has great chemistry with Jasper.

The storyline is pretty simple — both are in relationships..she is happy looking forward to marrying her boyfriend — they have a plan about their future, even to small details… how much to spend daily… when she can sleep over (only Saturday night), etc, etc. He is in a 10 year relationship with a girl but it looks like it’s a “duty” relationship since he promised her mom that he would take care of her. There’s pity there but definitely no romantic love.

She loses her purse which contains her diary, he finds it and (of course) reads it and sees how planned out her life is and he challenges her on it and that’s the beginning of a rocky relationship, but it’s also the beginning of great tension filled scenes. It’s also the beginning of self exploration on her part..is the plan she’s following HER life plan or HIS life plan which she has no say in..he is the perfect representation of temptation as he pursues her but he graciously accepts her denial and refusal..telling her that they just met each other too late..but of course that doesn’t mean that emotions go away does it? Her boyfriend is the usual sweet but boring guy…though lately they’ve made him really dumb which is an obvious ploy to give her reason to become disatisifed with her life..I don’t know what’s ahead and I hope it doesn’t falter too much but so far I’ve been enchanted with Jasper and his ridiculously cute dimples..lol..and..though I really dislike bangs I have to admit that she really is the exception to my rule…a cautious thumbs up.

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Why am I watching this?! Before We Get Married

Yeah, Jasper Liu is attractive, but dang! My skin crawled more than a little at times in episode 1 watching him obsess over the engaged and proper Puff Kuo! I confess to having watched 3 episodes so far of this Taiwanese drama because I just am more than a little curious how far (and dark) they may take this one.

Let’s be sure about one thing though, if he were not rich and attractive (his character, that is), there would be a restraining order slapped on him pretty damn fast, let alone an arrest for sexual harassment! Will I keep watching? I dunno…

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