Lookout – Initial and final impressions

Viki was acting up the other day so I was having trouble watching Fight My Way (and yes, it bugged me no end to be interrupted in my Park Seo-jun Swoon), so I picked up something on my bookmarked list that had just finished airing – Lookout. A few days later and I find that I’ve finished it already! That’s what happens with this new formatting of 2-a-day 30-minute episodes; you finish one and think, “Well, I’ve got time for another if it’s only 30 minutes…” And then 5 episodes later you’re wondering how that happened.

Lee Si-young (previously in My Beautiful Bride) is the female detective who, after the traumatic death of her young daughter (sorry, that’s not so much a spoiler as a set-up plot device) is set on vengeance. And it just so happens that a cheeky prosecutor played by Kim Young-kwang (last in The Man Living In Our House) is there to fold her into his own little vengeance schemes. Key, from SHINee (and also Drinking Solo) and Kim Seul-gi (who’s in everything) are the others who work on the tasks assigned to them by their ‘boss’. Oh, and Shin Dong-work, who has been unable to work much lately due to a painful medical condition was sufficiently in remission to take a small role too as the prosecutor’s stepbrother.

I must say that I hate the setup for the show because the death of a child should never be a plot device, IMO, but it was something that would make it plausible that she’d do things that would normally be out of character because she is in total despair. Her mission is always there, but once the story gets underway it’s not always picking at the emotional scab. There’s (mostly) keen plotting and one quick cliffhanger after another, so it zips by. There are a few characters you want to smack for being TSTL, but on the whole, it’s an appealing cast and brisk story. Lee Si-young is sufficiently badass for her role too, and Kim Young-kwang is smooth and rough at that same time. It’s not a romance, though, so if that’s what you’re in the mood for, this isn’t the ticket, but if you want something a little different, I’d say give it a shot.

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