This Watcher Finished “Watcher”! – Series Review

I began Watcher soon after it started airing, but I could tell that it was one I’d want to pick and choose my time to watch and savor its plot-twisty story, so I put it on hold until I could finish it in as big a gulp as I wanted (the final 9 hours worth in 2 days), and it didn’t disappoint.

Seo Kang-joon plays one of the 3 central protagonists; Kim Young-goon is a young police officer* with the unhappy past. He was the sole witness to his mother’s death at the hands of a murderer and for years he’s thought that person was his father, a top detective in the police force, suspected of corruption. His driving ambition is to discover the truth behind his mother’s death, his father’s presumed guilt, and the reasons why he cannot fully recall the traumatic events of that day.

*He’s not just a police officer but a former elite Army ranger, which means that he’s had lots of training for the tough fight sequences to come.

Han Suk-kyu (who I’ve always admired in his films and drama work) is the veteran detective, Do Chi-kwang, formerly of Internal Affairs and before that a member of the same squad that was headed up by Young-goon’s father. As a result of causing some heartburn with HQ brass because he tried to take them down for corruption, he’s been tasked with a seemingly dead-end position as the director of an Anti-Corruption unit, with one assistant (who’s likely a spy), and soon the angry young man Young-goon.

The third protagonist is the troubled former prosecutor, Han Tae-joo, played by Kim Hyun-joo. She was the prosecutor for the murder case and worked with Young-goon to testify. Unsatisfied with the evidence, she’s prompted later to try new technologies to root out the truth and this leads to the string of violence that forms the basic plot that drives the story forward — there is indeed corruption and collusion in the police and prosecutorial offices and these three form an uneasy alliance in doggedly pursuing the truth, no matter the risks or costs.

This was a very satisfying drama to watch, even if the subject is murder and mayhem because I rarely knew exactly who was involved and who was trustworthy. Well, you knew that Kim Young-goon was trustworthy because this is his journey towards truth and justice (and he was a child when his mother was murdered), but you’d also know because Seo Kang-joon played his role so transparently. Anger looks very good on Seo Kang-joon, as does mistrust, and mistrust he does because Han Suk-kyu’s Do Chi-kwang is one complicated man, one who seems eminently pure and driven and noble and trustworthy… but may not be!

Equally motivated, equally canny, and equally given to pursuing her own agenda (which may or may not support the team’s), Han Tae-joo is a bundle of controlled PTSD nerves (with good cause). I can’t blame her for her seemingly double-dealing ways because they helped keep me and everyone else on our collective toes. Plus, I always applaud female characters who are well-written and complicated heroines of their own lives. She defends those who are loyal and takes down the rest. I could happily watch a sequel with her as the lead.

In fact, OCN could do a sequel with this cast, and may have hopes of doing so, thanks to the (relatively) open-ended finish to the story. I would also like to see if Do Chi-Kwang holds to his mission, and how Han Suk-kyu would portray his hero’s (anti-hero?) journey.

Note: this drama includes scenes of violence that result in regular digit amputations (thankfully blurred), so if you’re squeamish at the thought of that, this might not be for you, but if you do like complex, character-driven mysteries about police corruption most definitely give this one a try.

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Finished The Miracle We Met – Final comments

I have to say that it was a very interesting ride. There were lots of holes of course, but given the premise of the story – a man inhabiting another man’s body and juggling two families (and two different wives) at the same time – it led to really interesting questions, and as a viewer I was forever changing my point of view. Of course I had my preferences as to what I would have liked but it wasn’t a decision that I came to lightly because I empathized with each of them. Until the very end I didn’t know what the final outcome would be and that’s kind of nice!!

I really loved the acting..such strong performances all round and hardly a wasted character in sight (well there were a couple I could have done without of course). Kai didn’t have much to do beyond looking VERY pretty and that’s just fine by me. Heck I even enjoyed the ending and that was a question mark all along but I think the writers did the best they could given the pickle they’d put themselves in.  It’s a winner for me..not perfect but (for me) not disappointing either. It was so awesome to see Kim Myung-min for 17 episodes. He looked incredibly smart in his three piece suits – the perfect example of a successful banker.

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The Miracle We Met – First Impressions

I don’t normally juggle more than one drama at a time but I had this nightmare of it fading from my grasp just like Lee Minki’s drama did so I went ahead and started it. I did not want to miss the opportunity to see Kim Myung Min – no way! To my delight I  discovered that Kim Hyun Joo is also starring in it. I loved her alot in I Have a Lover – what a bonus!!

Of course I know that the story is not new – a man dying and waking up in another body – but I’ve always been a sucker for those. Anyway, after two episodes I can give it a great thumbs up and I hope it continues till the very end.

Let me just say that I really like the way they established the characters immediately. Kim Myung Min is married to Kim Hyun Joo but is a horrible husband and person to boot. In the short scenes where we see him he makes a terrible and real impression – kudos to him! As well, we have our other couple who are complete opposites; nice ordinary people, trying to set up a restaurant, happy with their lives and adoring each other to boot! The contrast couldn’t be sharper. The two men even cross paths where our jerk dismisses him arrogantly and sends him on his way to disaster. So, without going into details, as a result of a car accident both “die” and our “good guy” wakes up in the body of our jerk, and then the fun begins!!!

This new character couldn’t be in better hands as we see how he struggles to come to grips with his new reality. His heart and mind are dying to be with his family but that’s not possible, so he tries different ways and means to still be there for them. On the other hand he can’t ignore the jerk’s family who is now also his. I have no idea where this is going but I think it’s going to be a fun ride – at least I hope so, though I anticipate a few moments of angst along the way.

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