Arghh…how can I be happy and sad at the same time??

I was soo excited to read that Jo Jung Seok is confirmed for another drama…yippeee!!!!! Then I read who his proposed love interest is and I just have to groan…it’s Hyeri. She was just horrible in Entertainer with Ji Sung..she just can’t act very well. For me she is the female version of Taecyon whom I don’t like at all (no fault of his own of course!)..that’s just me. So..I’m not as excited as I when I first saw his name and I”m hoping that she drops out. I know that he starred with IU (who isn’t the best actress either) and he made it work..such is the force of his talent..but I actually LIKE I had more patience!

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Finished the Voice

With Jang Hyuk… first of all… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Robin, I don’t know how you pick up and put down a drama without losing the momentum..I just can’t do it. I was forced to do it with this drama and it really made the difference in my enjoyment..had a negative impact for sure!

The main story centres around a specialized emergency 911 response team…she is at the head..gifted with the ability to hear exceptionally well and he is one of the cops who work with her to bring aid to those in need. Both have lost a loved one to murder..both are out to find him since it’s conveniently the same person.  We are graced with the usual corrupt cop..evil mobster..hapless and helpless victims..etc…I always enjoy watching this actor..though his hairstyle was soo distracting but I don’t think this was his best or most memorable role..I did love the villain though..not because the character was particularly well written or interesting in any way but because he was portrayed by Kim Jae-wook. I’ve always loved this actor..ever since I first saw him in Coffee Prince..and I don’t know why he never gets any leading roles – I think he’s super talented and super hawt!

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