Finished Should We Kiss First – General last impressions (no real spoilers)

Clearly I had no idea what I was letting myself in for!!

As you can see from my previous comments I really enjoyed the first few episodes, I haven’t laughed that hard at a scene in years, but for me it took me on a ride I didn’t know I was going on and wasn’t prepared for, and turned into a melodrama with a capital M!

So what I thought was going to be a really human and healing story turned out to be far different and far more. Of course, it had those elements but it had so much more!

There were a few stumbles along the way and I think it could have been shorter and I found some things quite annoying but having said that, you will notice that I didn’t abandon it. Why? These two stars are top notch and just watching them in action is more than enough to compensate for anything else! They had really nice chemistry too. They can both bore a hole through you with their eyes! 😁 I didn’t know until afterward that the screenwriter was the same as that for I Have a Lover, which I really loved (and was 50 episodes too!) I found the episodes so easy to watch because of their length and that’s a plus and… I will never hear Good Morning again without thinking of this drama!

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Should We Kiss First – Initial thoughts

The more I watched Sketch the more I realized that this is the kind of drama which I can definitely pick up at any time and use as “filler” between dramas and so I went looking for something different and stumbled upon this drama totally by accident. It’s about 40 episodes (but since they’re 30 minutes it’s only 20 and I like the shorter episodes).

My eye was caught by the synopsis: 4 middle aged adults who have lost their faith in love. Well that sounded promising and I was really in the mood to watch something about relationships after watching Mi Ahjussi — rather than choreographed fight scenes!

I had no idea that Kim Sun-a was in it till I started watching it and oh my goodness what a treat she is. How could I forget her special kind of magic on screen? She has that ability to do comedy and tragedy equally well and I realize how much I’ve missed her. When she is vulnerable I just want to wrap her up and comfort her and when she’s funny I just want to laugh along with her. I don’t recognize her co-star though. He looks pretty ordinary when you first see him but after looking past that I find that he has a nicely expressive face that doesn’t need dialogue to give me the message that he’s trying to convey. It also stars Oh Ji Ho and Park Se Yeon who aren’t shabby either and provide excellence to the drama I think.

The set up is so familiar. He lives upstairs and she lives in the downstairs apartment, and they feud with each other long before they actually meet. It reminds me very much of the Chinese drama whose name totally escapes me — Robin I know you saw it, it’s about two divorce lawyers living in the same building battling it out till love took over? Sorry to be so vague..anyhow I’ve watched the first 5 episodes and have loved them — fingers crossed that it will continue to please!

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