Takuya? That you?

As seen on Twitter: Takashi Miike’s “Blade of the Immortal” will be presented Out Of Competition at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, at 22:30 on May 18th.

Expectation of hot Takuya:




Who <em>is</em> that guy?!

I’ve always thought that Takuya doesn’t always look as attractive in regular photos as he does on film, but this is ridiculously unflattering.


Finished “Pride” again… lol

And this go around, I got the impression that Aki was always ready to fall in love again, and that she was more in love with Halu — up until the end — than he was with her.

Although Aki was abandoned by a selfish boyfriend for 2 years, she never lost the capacity to love — which is why she waited. Halu, otoh, purposely lost his capacity to love in direct relation to his mother’s abandonment when he was a kindergartner.

Halu lost the ability to trust, his sense of security, and was willing to go through his life without the real love that those things bring. He didn’t fight for Aki even though she was more than worth fighting for. He had to go and “find” himself… Now whether that’s a good thing or not, he could’ve also lost a good woman while living in the “meantime”…

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Born to Love You…

Just revisiting Halu and Aki ( thank you very much Robin! Lol).

Don’t remember if I thought that Aki was both this timid and bold the first, 2nd or 3rd time around? But maybe it was neither—- just a young woman who was alone for over 2 yrs, and who was ready for a “contract” type of relationship. Halu just happened to present her with the right type of circumstance at the right time. Loved their first date at the “Love Hotel” skating rink, haha! How he skated while carrying her and teasing her that he carries objects under 60 kg’s while practicing…

And oh, the hair!! These guys were definitely “Afrocentric!” Lol…

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tvN looking to remake “Million Stars”

A possible remake of “One Million Stars Falling from the Sky”… Immediately I think, “Oooh, Takuya! He was so delicious in that one!” And then I wondered who they would cast in his place and how much farther a cable station would take it 15 years onwards from the original (which was only 11 episodes long).


Maybe they could go with go with Kim Jaejoong… he’s got those beautiful eyes and slightly fey looks, but post-army he’s a little more manly than before. He could do it.

Or they could go with Kim Rae-won who has a little of the Takuya vibe, but with a broader Korean nose and cheekbones, and who could do a much sexier turn. (For proof of this check out his sex scene in “Gangnam Blues” – yowza! – or those from an earlier movie from his career, “Plum Blossom.”)

Or they could leave well enough alone…

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