Just an observation

Last week, I had a patient of Korean descent and AMA (advanced maternal age) who had a beautiful baby boy. While I found her pleasant enough ( considering she was over 40, had a big 8+lb baby, and hemorrhoids the size of an avocado) other nurses on my unit found both her and her husband somewhat demanding, abrupt and eager to express their unhappiness with any and everything.

Now we have had many Chinese patients intermittently, who, for the most part, act completely the opposite. I don’t know whether it was just them, or if it was a cultural thing, but I was still excited about actually having people that I can relate to my beloved Kdramas.

It was fun to recognize certain words and phrases that I’ve come to know, and I found it very endearing that she “Oppa-ed” her husband to death! Lol… We don’t get many Korean patients at our community hospital, but they didn’t leave a good impression on my co-workers…


The truth in workplace dramas

Everytime I see a drama like Misaeng I shudder and thank my lucky stars that I don’t work in Joseon Hell. This article (link) is further proof: via I’m not even asking for respect. Defensive individualism. – The Dissolve

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