First impressions of Romance Is A Bonus Book

In case it’s slipped your radar, this is a drama starring Lee Na-young and Lee Jong Suk — another “noona” romance! The background is that they have been friends since they were children, when she saved his life way back when and got injured enough to need hospitalization for a year and he practically became her arms and legs — both in gratitude and in true friendship. Now they are all grown up, have started upon their lives and presumable remained as close as ever, and that’s why I had a real problem from the very beginning! She undergoes a real crisis in her life and can’t get much lower – in all ways..and yet we are expected to believe that he is oblivious to it all and has no clue what has been happening to her? Either she’s a very good liar or he’s become suddenly be fair they might explain this in a perfectly plausible way..I hope they do or it will become one of those “holes” that we need to put up with.

I’m still not totally sold on the characters I must confess. She, who is the most challenged at this moment and her character seems to be the most developed and nuanced while he is still really an enigma..stunning to look at but more superficial at this point. Would like to know more about him..other than he wears beautiful coats in stunning!

Half of the drama takes place at a publishing company and so we are introduced to a whole set of secondary characters..each one seems to fit the usual mode..overworked..constantly yelled at..having ideas “stolen” from them..moments of brilliance..perseverance and more. We’ve seen it all before..but I don’t mind that..especially if the end result is a “family” of sorts..can’t beat that!

I can’t decide if the leads have chemistry or not since I’m not totally committed to their adult relationship but I might feel differently after a few episodes. Of course he can be one sexy dude..but one thing I’ve always had a “problem” with in his case is that in one instance he’s extremely attractive and in the next instance, when he turns his head, all I see is this boyish face and he literally seems like a young boy in a man’s clothing…he’s just got that type of face I guess..

I’m not going to say that it’s won me over..yet..though I will enjoy the scenery while I make up my mind..

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Hymn of Death – Series

Don’t ask me why but I watched this last week. It was only three episodes which is probably why I considered it. Normally I would never watch a drama where I know the ending. My spoiler phobia won’t let me — 😆 — and I think everyone knows the ending and just in case, the title speaks for itself.

In spite of that I found myself clicking the play button. I don’t regret it at all. I thought that the leads had really nice chemistry. The clothing was amazing. The beginning even had moments of lightness which I wasn’t expecting but all that doesn’t impact on that feeling of doom that we can’t avoid.

I don’t know how much this story really reflects the true story of the real people but I think it was a really good production – very well done and our hero still has one of the sweetest smiles around!! I seem to be on a roll lately regarding the harshness of Japanese rule in Korea… hmmm…

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Finished “While You Were Sleeping”

I give it a thumbs up for super cute and fluffy. And extra points for not leaving any loose ends. Though the plot was pretty shallow, at least it followed its own rules, dotted its own i’s and crossed its own t’s, so I appreciate that.  I laughed, I cried, I cooed and sneered. Checked all the boxes, really. A successful Kdrama! And Lee Jong Suk is freaking ADORABLE! As always! Such a big baby!

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Romance Is a Bonus Book coming to Netflix

The Lee Jong-suk/Lee Na-young series is going to begin streaming weekly on Netflix starting February 2nd, with new episodes added weekly, much the same way Netflix began airing Mr. Sunshine. 

The previews I’ve seen for this look fun, so I have my fingers crossed that the age gap between the two isn’t a hitch to my enjoyment.

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Netflix Tunes up Korean Series ‘Hymn of Death’ – Variety

Shin Hye-sun has been picking her roles well lately, making sure there is plenty of diversity in her characters’ types, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that she’s still on track. Lee Jong-suk as her male protagonist might just work out, though lots will depend on the plot and direction, as always.

via Netflix Tunes up Korean Series ‘Hymn of Death’ – Variety

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Final thoughts on While You Were Sleeping

I’m scratching my head here because I couldn’t bring myself to dislike the drama. It had a lot of positives but it didn’t deliver on a lot of my expectations either so I can only recommend it with reservations.

As I usually do after finishing a drama, I read up on the reviews from others to see whether their impressions agree with mine and it seems (from the couple of sites that I checked) that viewers loved it and were going to miss it even. Surprise, surprise! But I can see what it is that they’re talking about. How can you not miss characters that are adorable and cute and funny and loving and supportive… shall I go on?? Of course, it does the heart good to see that, and I too loved that part of the drama, but… I wanted MORE!!!! These two beautiful people had ZERO passion between them – rather than sparkling champagne which should have made our hearts pound – they were more like warmed milk – smooth and soothing and sleep-inducing.  I just don’t want to see that for 16 episodes. Somewhere along the line, it changed from a “supernatural” kind of drama to a simple legal thriller and the usual courtroom shenanigans were as cringe-worthy as they usually are.

I am definitely ready for a good romantic drama that actually delivers!!!

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Started While You Were Sleeping – First impressions

I confess that I’m not totally blown over by it and am at the point where I’m happy to explore a little more to see how I really feel. I find it a bit chaotic, this back and forth between dreams and real life, and am not sure in what direction they will take us, and I’m not super sure that they know at this point either!

We have a little bit of everything, from domestic abuse to the usual office shenanigans, to some very cute interchanges between our couple.

I’m intrigued to know how she’s gotten this “gift” of dreaming of future events. I’m curious as to his reaction to it. I’m curious as to what they will do with that “old” age question: “If I try to change the future, what will be the consequences???”

My heart does go out to her as her fear is plain to see, and you wonder how many years she’s woken up and written the details of her dreams on her slips of paper, and how many times she’s tried to stop her dreams from coming true. Her mom is lovely and supportive and they are crazy about each other. The villain is sleazy enough I suppose, but let me say that (whatever follows) I will be there. Why? Because I am shallow and cannot resist watching that tall, sleek body wearing those amazing coats – I’m only at episode 3 and I swear I must already have seen 5 different coats on display. He wears them soooo well! Each scene is like a magazine cover. I’m not super crazy about winter dramas only because it pains me sometimes to see those poor actors freezing on set but the highlight has to be this display of coats on our heroes. That was one of the added perks of watching Goblin too… seeing Gong Yoo in those sexy coats!

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What’s the skinny on While You Were Sleeping?

I like him… not sure about her.

The summary I read sounds a little confusing, but it looks like it’s got a lot of promise. I’ll wait, but right now methinks it’ll be the first drama that I dive back into…

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