Finished Just Between Lovers and ready to move on…

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Don’t know why but this one was a bit of an effort to get through..maybe it was just my mood but I never had that urge to watch the next episode immediately and I will be honest and say that I skipped right to the end and didn’t watch the final episodes..just read the recaps. I expected Mi Ahjussi to be dark and depressing but it was anything but that but this is the one that made me feel those feelings..of course, that makes sense since nothing and nobody could undo the tragedy and bring back lives lost..nothing could undo the loss and depression and guilt that the survivors and families felt all these years later.

I had to roll my eyes though at the final development in our hero’s if he hadn’t suffered enough..surely that was TOO much??? I wasn’t as affected as I would normally be simply because we had ample warning and I felt irritated that this twist had been me grumpy!!

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Just Between Lovers – Thru episode 8

It seems particularly timely that I resumed this drama this week (and you started it, Camelia), as the news of the Laotian dam collapse has surfaced. It was a South Korean venture, in conjunction with a Laotian firm or their government, and I don’t know if it was just extreme rains and misfortune or poor design/construction (or a little of both) that led to this, but you can be sure there will be people assuming the worst. The graft and corruption that leads to people cutting corners and worse is really a sore subject for the country, as is the theme of top leaders and managers turning a blind eye to faults and rubber-stamping their approvals without due diligence, and these pain points are really driving this drama.

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Just Between Lovers – First Impressions

At first, I wasn’t sure about watching this drama: on the one hand, I wanted to see Lee Jun-ho take on his first drama lead role and having “the column” Lee Ki-woo as the love rival could be nothing but a plus, but the plot seemed a little on the dark and melo side. The main characters were all involved in the traumatic collapse of a shopping mall while in their teens or early twenties, and they’re supposed to find love and healing. Doesn’t that just sound sappy?

Well, I started watching it on an impulse and I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised! Oh, don’t get me wrong; it’s still dark and veering on the melodramatic side of things, but not in an OTT kind of way. It’s full of sadness and dark emotions and yet optimism. In many ways, it reminds me of Padam Padam (and it also has the great Na Moon-hee in it as a supporting but pivotal character) in its tone and the quality of the writing, the acting, and production value, and that’s a very good thing IMO.

I’ve watched 6 episodes (on Viki, but it’s not fully available as soon as it’s subbed – they want those premium subscriptions) and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

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