I started VIP and after 5 episodes…

So far I’m cautiously enjoying it. The main attraction for me was Jang Nara. I rarely pass up anything she’s in because she’s such a chameleon, sadly her last drama, ironically called The Last Empress, was a real dud so I was keeping my fingers crossed with this one. First of all she does do the classy look so well, those outfits fit her to a T!

She and Lee Sang Yoon play a married couple who work for the VIP special department..treating the extra rich customers with personal  kid gloves..I was actually surprised to see that they were married because their behaviour at work is so impersonal that there is no hint of a personal connection. So far his character is really hard to like..he seems so cold..so distant..so robotic..so empty…even on their ride home together there is little spoken..each one far away from the other..and then one day we discover that he is (or was) having an affair..and it’s probably with someone at the office….the audience receives the same hints as she does as she tries to learn the truth..and there is a list of possible attractive candidates to choose from. Her struggles are obvious..whom can she trust around her? In fact…the age old question that every betrayed wife asks: can she ever trust him again?

What I find interesting is that each character has their own story..very human story at that..some of their troubles we can even relate to..the feel of the show is really dark..in theme and in the visual sense..for instance..their house is always shown in shadows — oppressively so — we shall see if my interest remains strong till the end but even so..I’m not quitting on Jang Nara..lol

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On the Way to the Airport

Don’t ask me why but I decided to check out this “older” drama one day and was interested enough to keep on watching!! I’d ignored it (obviously), watching a drama about adultery didn’t really appeal, but I do like the main actors. In case you’re not aware — it’s about two married people who connect through a tragedy and find their bond becoming stronger and stronger. It’s about betrayal..guilt..truth and friendship.

I absolutely enjoyed it..haha! Some might find this drama a bit plodding.. slow.. but for me it was just right. Given the sensitivity of the issue I wasn’t sure how they could possibly win the audience over..and I expected that the writers would have made it easy to pick sides..in fact it was but not in the way I expected.

Of course our main couple is absolutely too good to be true..but I enjoyed watching someone involved in this marital betrayal and didn’t expect them to actually feel so “pure”. Of course I have issues with some things..don’t we always? But I loved the fact that nothing was a given..that the characters stayed true to themselves on the whole..it was beautifully filmed as a real bonus and I loved the sound track as well..

Thumbs up!!

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Half-way through Whisper

You know that feeling you get when something feels so familiar and it nags at you and you just can’t place it? Well as I watched (I’m up to the end of Ep 10 right now) that’s what I was feeling..the feel..the writing style…all felt like I’d seen it before..in Punch so I finally looked it up and of course! Punch is written by the same writer…..I’ve never had that experience before though..where I can identify the style of the writer.

Now I loved Punch; it was an awesome experience and very draining by the nature of the subject matter… by the ups and downs of the action… by the resolution of things at the end… by the sheer cruelty of some scenes. I honestly don’t know when I will be up to seeing it again but it was amazing. The absolute star was our “hero” who wasn’t the classic hero at all, but who I was rooting for every second. I loved his drive, his intelligence, his ambition, his courage… and the reason I bring him up is that I don’t feel the same way for our hero in Whisper. It feels like an imitation of the real thing.

The template of the plot is the same – one minute the good guys win, the next minute the bad guys are on top. The characters are sharply written, flawed, neither black or white, but very credible and the very flaws give us a reason to connect with them – even the heroes are multi-faceted while at the same time still being obviously bad – no conscience to hamper them at all.

Punch never bothered with romance (at least it flirted in the background); here we have a different scenario but for some reason I don’t connect with them as a couple, They work well together as the fighting duo but any hint of the personal and it becomes awkward – maybe that will change towards the end but since we’re half way there I don’t expect much. Of course I wasn’t really watching this for the romance so it’s not a huge flaw. The action is still tension filled and you keep waiting for the next twist to be revealed… it almost feels like the last man standing will be the one who just happens to have the most tricks. I have faith that good will win over evil but the fun part is figuring out how!

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Whisper – First impressions

Since this is Lee Bo Young’s return drama I was curious as to her choice..also it was interesting that she was paired off with Lee Sang Yoon whom she’d worked with in My Daughter Seo Young (which I loved!). I thought she was perfect as the cold, reserved, damaged heroine who was slowly thawed by his love… New roles for each of them here; she is a fired detective who is out to get her innocent father out of jail and he is a judge who starts out with a conscience but because of circumstances makes choices which leads to them being serious adversaries.

I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes – they’ve been quite intense and I won’t lie that I sighed at the usual big business corruption but many of my favourite characters are here and that’s a good thing. Right now the poor man is under pressure from all sides, including our heroine who is blackmailing him into helping her  as she desperately tries to get her father out. We have no idea why the baddies are intent on keeping him IN – especially when it’s so much easier to bump him off… lol… but so far it’s been interesting – she looks great and ready for battle, and so does he so I can’t wait until they join forces…

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